Use Indian Numerology to Find Directions in Your Life

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Most of the people are interesting in the astrology, Indian numerology and many other subjects like it. As they are strongly believed in it that if they are going to use their numbers, they will easily predict their future. It has been a practice of long time which converts their learnings into reality. There are various ways popular in the market through which you can easily predict the future and what is new coming to their lives. It is a numeric system that has been used from last hundreds of years.

Definitions of number

In Indian numerology, number and their definitions contain their own importance to tell the meaning of it. There are no fixed definitions of these numbers; each individual number has its own definition. For instance, number 1 stands for leadership, self, young, individual, etc. There are many other broad ways where you can get more personal traits for describing their personalities.


Just like numbers are linked to planets, the numbers are linked to alphabets as well.

  • A, I, J, Q, Y.
  • B, K, R.
  • C, G, L, S.
  • D, M, T.
  • E, H, N, X.
  • U, V, W.
  • O, Z.
  • F, P.

Indian numerology is an actualize of future telling which gives us a chance to see through the concealed intensity of numbers, and the impact that they have on our lives. This is an old Indian science which assumes a noteworthy part in our lives. Each part of our lives is impacted by numbers. In Vedic Astrology, numerology is thought to be essential. In India, numbers are some of the time connected with otherworldliness too.

For instance, in the number 0, the internal part is separate from the external part. This is fundamentally the same as a person, in whom the Jeevatma lives. An individual sees that he is separate from the external universe, and that the body and soul are one and particular from the external world. This is like 0 wherein the internal part is unmistakable from the external part.

There are varieties of ways available in the market, in which some of them are widely used while rests are fall into the category of Indian astrology online course.

These methods are – Alphabetic system, Abjad system, Chinese numerology, Pythagorean system and many more. These are the supporting pillars of numerology which works similar to Indian numerology.

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Basic Astrology Tips for Healthy Relationships

Astrology is considered as a mysterious science, yet is altogether scientific and in addition technical. The study of Astrology makes forecasts by means of a specific technique. There is not only a single technique, Astrology prediction techniques are subdivided into numerous categories. Vedic Astrology is a significant immense subject and a few sages have sub-divided it into various segments to ease individuals understand it well. Astrology is not like those subjects that can be understood by someone on their own. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the best source for students willing to learn astrology. Learn astrology from Institute of Vedic Astrology under the guidance of experienced astrologers and make your relationship stronger than ever before. In this post, we are going to discuss about some tips to healthy relationship.

If you do not have a healthy relationship, you are most likely to accumulate stress that is going to affect your personal life as well for sure at some point of time. Moreover, above all, with unhealthy relationship, you would not be able to lead a happy life even after you reach the peak point in your career or professional work life. Here are some basic quick tips to healthy relationship:

Balance Your Professional Life and Personal Life

It would be a great idea to keep both personal and professional life separate. Never let your professional life interfere with your personal life. After you arrive at your home form your workplace, give your due attention to your spouse, children and aged parents. It would be good to leave all your workplace related stress, tensions, and works etc. at the workplace itself and devote your time completely to your family when you are at home.

Pray Together

There is a great saying “The Family Who Prays Together, Stays Together”. Praying together is very imperative to maintain a healthy relationship. Keep some time out of your busy schedule to pray together.

Dine Together

Dinning together would not let in any misunderstandings and ego clashes to creep in into your healthy relationship. It will let you create a strong family bonding.

If things do not work out still, you can take the help of astrology. Learn astrology from Institute of Vedic Astrology to get well versed with all the concepts of Astrology to make your relationship better than ever before.

Learn Astrology Lessons Online with IVA

Although the science of astrology has undergone a lot of changes throughout the history, it is still considered as one of the most important part of every individual’s everyday life. The term “Science of Astrology” is sufficiently enough to raise the eyebrows of numerous critics. However, astrology is really a science to us. As other modern scientific researches, astrology has made its numerous years of journey of observations and researches on astronomical and mathematical calculations. Above all and most importantly, astrology is older than many more scientific discoveries.

If you are an astrology enthusiast and however, owing to some personal circumstances, you are not being able to spare some time out of your busy schedule to learn astrology, then there is good news for you. Learning astrology is no longer a daunting task for any individuals. Everything has gone online. Why ‘NO’ to astrology lessons online? If you can take a college course online, then you can absolute take astrology lessons online. No matter, whatever your basic qualification is or whatever business you are in, you can learn astrology lessons online with Institute of Vedic Astrology. Even home makers, retired individuals, housewives etc. anyone can enroll themselves with Institute of Vedic Astrology to take astrology lessons online. We, Institute of Vedic Astrology, are the leading training provider of astrology lessons online. Institute of Vedic Astrology is known for providing exceptional quality training with plethora of resources and guidance to provide you with the best astrology lessons online.


Taking astrology lessons online can be the best solution for any individual who remain quite busy with other activities in their life. Astrology lessons online can also be best if you want to get serious about your learning or learn more advanced techniques. Our expert trainers would be available for you to clear all your doubts whenever you need them.

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5 Effective Strategies to Learn Astrology Online

For a common man Astrology, palm reading like things are seems to being complicated and mysterious.  Things are simply out of the reach from a common man’s mind. They already made their mental conception that these types of things are very difficult to learn and understand it properly. In these types of subjects, you have to give your 200 % to get perfection as they are quite difficult to learn. But to make such things simpler there are lot of stuff available on the internet such as online courses like learn astrology online and much more.

In these types of learnings they will cover each and everything of the universe including zodiac signs, planets and their houses and many other aspects in the vibration of the universe. But with the help of these types of sources one can easily learn all the principles of astrology without going anywhere.

Effective tips:

  1. A tightly interconnected system: Planets those are working in favor of you, birth chart and zodiac signs all are work similarly. In the beginning, everyone knows that there is not too much to learn about this topic. If you gone through internet searches you will get that the there are plenty of online courses are available on the internet through which you get complete learning of astrology. One can easily find the related stuff and also helps of you in learning these things in a more effective manner. Fairly, there are many courses available at Institute of Vedic Astrology to learn astrology online in a more effective manner.
  2. Learn the language of Astrology: The planets and the energetic connections they make punctuate the meanings of the zodiac signs as they are placed in your chart. Planets are nouns, the people, places and things in your life. Aspects are like verbs, the action words. Zodiac signs are like adjectives, they color the action of the planets their particular signature.
  3. What planets say about your personality: Your horoscope will totally depend upon your sun signs and birth chart. However, all these planets of the solar system want to tell you something specific about your nature and personality.
  4. Repeating cycles: The repeating cycles represents the repeating nature of life cycles. Such type of cycles will represent the unending cycle of birth and end. With the help of learn astrology online course will tell of how your planets work in this life cycle.
  5. Importance of zodiac signs: Each of the houses of the planet represents a specific function in life. Each of the zodiac signs colors that function with their own signature. Each of the planets has their own cycle too. Interpretative work is based on the repeating cycles of the planets and how they relate to the planets in your chart in what we call aspects.

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The Benefits of Getting Yearly Predictions

The yearly predictions dependably accompany the ups and downs that can occur in the life of a person as indicated by his/her star sign. The general evaluation of the zodiac sign considering the diverse parts of the lives is given by yearly predictions. The real aspects of concern for yearly predictions are the wealth, work, relationship, love and so on. Institute of Vedic Astrology offers astrology online course where you can easily learn making yearly predictions for yourself or for your dear ones under the guidance of expert astrologers. This astrology online course can truly help you in choosing what you need to do with different things consistently and furthermore the things that need more care so you don’t wind up in total wreckage.

After the completion of this astrology online course you will be qualified enough to predict any upcoming events, like the time frames of 2019 that can be both good as well as bad in anyone’s life, including yours. It additionally furnishes you with the most delicate time frames of your life when you can confront such a large amount of inconvenience in accomplishing your aim. It offers you an opportunity to prepare yourself according to the pattern found in your horoscope. The astrology online course can likewise give an ideal direction on how you can accomplish your objective effortlessly. Astrology online course likewise gives you tips to decrease the issues and sufferings that you may look in the entire year. Astrology online course likewise gives you opportunity to discover answers for a portion of your questions, free of cost.

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Basic Components of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is an extremely powerful tool in the way of life. Vedic Astrology is the oldest divinatory science in presence. Maharishi Parashara has outlined the standards of Vedic astrology in his treatise, “Brihat Parashara Hora”. He is the father of Vedic Astrology.


It has been comprehended through Vedic Astrology that the interplay of karma, rebirth and free will decides the destiny of man. It helps man in the mitigation of anguish caused because of his own activity or karma. It is called Jyotish or study of light. Each being is impacted by the planets that apply effective vibrations that control the destiny of man. Jyotisha is likewise alluded to as, “samayavidya”, which means investigation of right moments, as everything happens just at the predetermined hour. It is a mix of mystery and mathematical knowledge which interprets the patterns of energy flowing from the heavens.

One’s natal chart or Vedic astrology horoscope is cast by the planetary movements and their situation at the time of birth. The natal chart uncovers one’s destiny and predicts the occasions that would unfurl at the predetermined hour. Henceforth it is called predictive astrology. As one reflects deeper into the chart, insights into the sub conscious realm of the native, is known. It is a stock of one’s shortcomings, qualities, feelings, connections, longings, yearnings, bondages, talents, capacities, fears, laments, and numerous more viewpoints.

Life predictions can be rolled out precisely with respect to the changes and occasions that would happen in one’s life. Despite the fact that there are different sorts of planetary periods, just vimoshottari dasa is generally appropriate for the purposes of predictions.

Planetary positions and afflictions ought to be concentrated to make predictions. Strong planets yield positive or good outcomes. Weak planets amid their sub-periods convey troublesome outcomes and harms to the native. For instance, a strong moon gives upon the native impressive mental quality. A strong Mars makes the native strong, confident and brave. In light of their qualities and afflictions, remedial measures are recommended to defeat destiny and exercise freewill to make a fate that one imagines.

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Tarot Card Reading – A Devine Touch

Tarot card readings are extremely adroit and a magnificent method to demonstrate things to individuals, so they can utilize the information that are given to them and roll out critical improvements in their lives to improve things.

Tarot card reading

Reading tarot cards will portray the past, present, and future, which is the journey that your life has made and will make, for every individual, who has a reading.

Tarot cards have a wide range of meanings and these all rely upon where they are put when the reading take place. In any case, with regards to the cards doing the thing that they are intended to do, it is about you and the magic amongst you and the cards. When the tarot cards are laid out, a certain kind of relationship is established between you and the cards. This is the place the reading originates from.

Tarot card reading have been in practice since many years. Generally, tarot card reading skill is passed down within a family from one person to another. However, anyone can learn tarot card.

There are tons of tarot card reading online sites. Some tarot card reading online sites will offer a free service, while some will charge some amount of money. You need to be very careful while choosing the service of tarot card reading online, since there can be frauds as well. You need to do a proper research prior to accessing any tarot card reading service, so that you do not end up spending a lot of money on things that do not really works. It is an unquestionable idea to utilize the service of a tarot card reader who has been in the business for a long enough time.

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