Importance of Air in Life and Vastu

Air is the basis of life. Man cannot live without air even for a moment. Air implies the top most essentially in human life. Man takes pure air into his body in the form of breath. Entering into lungs this air gets mixed into blood, through blood it reaches every part of the body. If body does not get air even for a little while the person may die. Hence, the presence of pure air is necessary for man.

Right from the ancient age, man knew the importance of air. Air symbolizes velocity and power. The velocity of air was used in the functioning of wind-mill. Wind mill was used for grinding grains or fetching water from the well. One may still see the use of wind-mill in some places. The maximum use of the power of air has taken place in the field of water transport. The boats and ships were fixed with large sails. This sail proved helpful in sailing boat using air power. Invention of sail helped in the development of human-civilization. Not only its power, but even the presence of air is essential for man. Man has always preferred places for construction of house, where pure and cold air flow could remain un-interrupted.

The air is directly inhaled by man into his body. Hence air element directly affects the body and brain of man. While on one hand pure and fresh air has the positive effect, on the other, polluted and stagnant air has the negative effect. Care should be taken in the house construction that only the auspicious and positive effects of air could be garnered. House should be constructed in such a way in which not only the flow of pure air could be achieved but also the polluted air could be discharged.

The place in a building

In Vastu, North-West angle of a house or plot is considered the place of air. This portion of the house should be airy into which fresh and pure air could easily enter. Hence this portion of the house must have windows and ventilators.


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