Components Of Earth

Fire is the fundamental source of energy. Fire not only provides heat and light but the energy produced by it may also be used by man for various purposes. Solar energy is also a form of fire energy. Life on Earth is dependent on solar energy. Life on Earth is possible only because it has the solar energy in appropriate quantity.

In the ancient age, fire was used by man for his safety and also to get heat and light. Fire was chiefly used for the purpose of cooking. It was considered the symbol of purity and development of the tradition of lighting lamps at temples and other religious places also began. Fire is also worshipped in the form of God. Sacrifices are offered into fire during Yagya or Havan. Fire forms an undivided part of all the civilizations of the world. In the Parsi community, fire is worshipped in the form of Supreme Soul. The fire element affects all the living beings equally. It communicates courage, strength and encouragement in all the living beings. While on the one hand it gives rise to progress, on the other too much quantity of it may prove disastrous. Hence it is necessary to see that fire element affects only in the prescribed quantity. Many people are studying in Vaastu Training Institute and they are trying to knowing the deeply about fire, vastu.

The place in a building:

Solar energy is the form of fire. Sun rises from the East. Therefore angle towards South in the East direction i.e. the South-East angle of house or plot is called the place of fire. According to Vastu, the South-East direction has been prescribed as the place of fire. Kitchen in the South Eastern corner of the house may be the fire related place. Electricity is also one of the forms of energy. Hence, in this portion of the house the placement of electric meter may take place. By nature, fire and water should never be together.


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