How to Become a Feng Shui Professional

You can be a Feng Shui expert when you say you are. There are no government or condition requirements for an official certificate in the art of positioning as of yet. These applications offer documentation and look excellent on a resume; they are strongly suggested by the producer’s group. More than anything, you’ll need an excellent recommendation program in place to be successful. Study on to understand more.


  1. Take the programs from any number of Feng Shui institutions and academic institutions that are available online. Again, a certification on your continue looks excellent.
  2. Become a certified internal decorator. It is sometimes simpler to add expert status to a current headline that you bring than it is to start new. Feng Shui is the art of positioning and is used mainly by. You can also make sure a bigger company platform by providing a range of solutions furnishings and developers anyway.
  3. Do your first Feng Shui advisors gig for free? Make sure you select a customer who has some power and connections in the group. Ask for an itemized statement to add to your web page and other ads.
  4. Join a knowledgeable company. You can program for customers while playing academic applications and studying from knowledgeable Feng Shui experts.
  5. Advertise in regional new age guides. These guides are becoming cornerstones in the free stuff shelves and can also be seen in drug shops, natural food and new believed chapels.
  6. Pass out your credit cards and brochures to furnishings shops and among other relevant expert companies. Be sure to reciprocate and give these recommendation resources company that allows them as well.

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