Factory gate can lead to Prosperity or Poverty

Vastu Shastra principle believes in having main gate at a proper place. The position of main gate can lead to prosperity and success for a company. There are important rules for placement of gate in a factory. Directors must be very careful in placement of the main gate of the factory, main gate of the shed and main door of the office. Right placement of these 3 gates and door can lead remarkable for success to the owners.

Vedic Vastu Shastra gives a 9X9 pada Vinyasa which is called as Param Shayik that is to be used for placements of gate in factory. There are 9 segments (sub-parts)each in one direction. Vastu recommends to first properly analysing a property and the degree of its facing towards road. Same should be then marked in the layout plan of the plot. If the layout plan is not available, then owner should get it made by a skilled draftsman or engineer. The degrees and the orientation should then be marked in the plan. Based on the degrees directions must be ascertained and marked in the plan. After marking the directions, one should see where position of gate is in the compound wall.

On ascertaining the facing of the plot facing and position of gate in the plot, the next important thing is to analyse whether the position of gate is auspicious or inauspicious. It can be analysed based on direction and position of gate in the pada.

If the property has road in East direction then there are 9 positions or combinations of these 9 from North-East to South-east where gates can come. These are Ish, Parjanya, Jayanta, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Brisha, Antariksha and Agni. If gate is placed in Jayanta and Mahendra then it leads to success and prosperity. However, position of gate in Surya causes tensions and stress, position of gate in Satya causes ingratitude attitude of staff towards owners, position of gate in Brisha causes labour unrest, Antariksha causes unwanted expenses, blockages in smooth running of plot and theft or unavoidable losses. Gate in Agni causes unstability and frequent machine breakdowns.

If the property has road in South direction then there are 9 positions. These are Agni, Pusha, Vithath, Grihkshat, Yama, Gandharv, Bhringraaj, Mriga and Pitra. In Gate in South direction, only Grihkshat is auspicious and brings prosperity. Others are inauspicious. Gate in Pusha results in labour problems and conflicts between staff and labours, Vithath brings bad luck, Yama results in accidents and injuries and stress to owner, Gandharv results in mismanagement, Bhringraja causes poverty, unexpected losses and breakup in partnership, Mriga causes losses and wastage and gate in Pitra results in huge expenses, less savings and burdens. Also, South direction does not suit all people. So, one must be careful in selecting same.

If the property has road in West direction then there are another 9 positions. These are Pitra, Dauvarik, Sugriva, Pushpadanta, Varuna, Asura, Sosha, Pap and Rog. In Gate in West direction, Sugriva, Pushpadanta and Varuna are auspicious and brings prosperity and overall growth. Dauvarik causes enemity, Asura causes governmental problems, Shosha results in continuous breakdowns, hazards and accidents, Papyakshma causes mismanagement due to indifference attitute while Rog causes stress and frictions in senior staff and owners.

If the property has road in North direction then there are another 9 positions. These are Rog, Naag, Mukhya, Kuber, Som, Sarp, Aditi, Diti and Ish. In Gate in North direction, Mukhya, Kuber and Som are auspicious. Naag and Sarp causes enemity and Bhumi related dosha, Aditi causes increase wear-tear, maintenance, huge expenses and quality issues and Diti results makes management decisions wrong and management cannot work efficiently.

Based on above positions one must ensure that the factory and shed gate and office door are in auspicious position. If the gate is in inauspicious position then it should be shifted in auspicious position. Incase, if the gate cannot be shifted, then Advance Compass Geomancy alongwith deep analysis of owner’s horoscope alongwith Yuen Hom style and Chee Ping style Ba-Zi and overall orientation of the plot and factory layout, remedies can be done. These remedies are generally very specific in nature but easier to implement. These are upto 85% effective in reducing problems and enhance productivity, quality and increase profits.

Gate was situated in Satya and Bhrish in a tea factory in Assam causing insignificant frequent problems. Same could be rectified by Vedic Vastu and analysis based on the 2 Directors of company. Now the factory is running smooth since last 5 years without any trouble. A Veneer unit in Arunachal Pradesh had gate in Pitra and was having continuous losses. It was recified without changing it and poistive results have accrued and the factory is running in profits since 7 years. A multi-story building has been rectified with its gate and positive results are been observed after same. A showroom in Kolkatta could get great success just by changing colour of gate. A plywood factory showed concistent growth, increased profitability by similar gate correction and remedial changes for Directors based on their horoscopes.

Writer of this article Mr. Aashish Patidar is founder Director of Institute of Vedic Astrology. By his consultation many industry owners got benefitted for their properties be it factory, office, showroom, ware house or residence. 1 year training programs in Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu, Numerology, Feng Shui, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading and Gems & Crystal Therapy are conducted through Institute of Vedic Astrology since 12 years and many upcoming Astrologers, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Numerologists, etc. throughout India and abroad have been trained from the Institute.


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