Medical Astrology

Sixth house is the house of disease. At this house evil or influence disease is not produced but auspicious influence is considered slowly increment in emergence of disease. The house which has an aspect of auspicious planet or its employer increases its natural result but the same house increases the disease if influenced by evil planet. Therefore good influence increases the natural result and is considered helpful emergence of the disease.

Only the powerful planets present in this house are capable in curing the emergence of disease not the weak ones. Powerful planet has the capacity to give the both auspicious and evil results. We have seen in the horoscope of various people that existence of mars in the sixth house of cancer makes them healthy, daring and self dependent. Thus this is an all accepted principle that debilitated or enemy planets present in the house destroys the natural result of the house but basic trine , good sign and friendly planets increases it .

Various diseases caused due to evil or auspicious influence in different zodiac signs are as follows:-

Aries :-             Pitta, heatophobia, and stomach related diseases.

Taurus-            Tri-difect disease, impotentness and burning disease.

Geminis           Asthma, breathing problem, over excitement etc.

Cancer           Madness, Insanity, Lack of interest etc.

Leo                  Fever, Headache, nervous disorders.

Virgo                eisease because of worries’

Libra                Fever , leukoria, unbalanceness of body.

Scorpio            Disease related to liver or gall bladder.

Sagittarius       Falling from tree, injury in legs etc.

Capricorn        Stomach pain, appendisitize, lack of interst.

Aquarius          Cough, Fever, influenza.

Pisces             Cough and cold.


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