Institute of Vedic Astrology strongly recommends that by studying second house properly a good Astrology expert (Astrologer) can get deep insights of the person in terms of family, speech, bank balance and assets. So, IVA gives due importance to studying of 2nd house in the horoscope.

The second house depicts following aspects:-

The second house dictates:

o   Wealth

o   Prosperity

o   Earnings

o   Status

o   Finances

o   Gold

o   Silver

o   Jewellery etc.

  • The second house also determines wealth that a person inherits.
  • The second house warns a native against accident, its kind, ailments and death.
  • The native’s speech is also seen from 2nd house of the horoscope.
  • A person’s face and his/her food habits are seen from 2nd house.
  • Inherited property, family, friends, artistic aptitude etc. are studied under 2nd house of the horoscope.
  • Comforts and luxury enjoyed by a person are also determined by the second house.
  • A person’s relation with in-laws and his affinity with them are also studied under 2ndhouse of the horoscope.
  • This place also tells about pet animals that a native possess.
  • The causative planet of second house is Jupiter.
  • The element of the second house is Earth.

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