Institute of Vedic Astrology suggests that by studying third house properly an Astrologer can get idea of the person in terms of siblings, employees, decision making and valour. IVA gives importance for studying of 3rdhouse in the horoscope.

The third house depicts following aspects:-

 The third house delineates

  •   Valour
  •   Manlihood
  •   Short Journeys
  •   Right ear.
  •   Helpers and servants
  •   Business
  •   Asthma
  •   Kidney
  •   Cough
  •   Skin disease
  •   Yoga
  • The third house specifies the native’s siblings i.e. number of brother or sister, relationship of brother and their mutual cooperation.
  • This house tells about ups and downs in the fate of a native.
  • 3rd house also suggests a native’s valour and courage against these odds.
  • The third house also tells about the weapons and arms kept in native’s house.
  • This house also determines the last days of the native’s life.
  • This house represents the youth of the native.
  • The causative planet of 3rdhouse is Mars.
  • The element which predominates the third house is Wind element.

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