Power of Sun

In the sky there is a star called the Sun, which is self-radiating. It gives light to other planets as well. Several planets keep circling around the Sun and while so doing draw light from the Sun. Sun has a great importance in Vedic Astrology as it is treated to be the king of all the planets. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore presents a detailed overview with a logical explanation of does Sun affects various aspects of life.

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Sun is Causative of East Direction. As Sun rises from the east. So Sun is the causative planet for earth direction. Due to the auspicious results of Sun a person will gains from east direction. If the Sun gives inauspicious results then the person will have losses from east direction.

Sun is causative of Spinal coral, Heart, Eyes and temperature in body. As Sun is the basic of the Universe as it gives light to the entire Universe similarly Spinal cord is the basis of the body to keep it straight. So Sun is the causative planet of Spinal Lord. Sun is called as Soul and main place of soul is considered as heart. And so Sun is considered as causative planet for heart. The food gets digested and

releases energy for the whole body to work. So is the work of Sun that it gives heat to all the weathers. So Sun is the causative element for stomach. Sun gives us like running fuel that is heat energy which is very necessary for living. So Sun is the causative planet for temperature. Sun provides light to the whole world. And so we are able to see things around us. The capability of seeing things is related with our eyes and so Sun is causative factors for eyes.

When Sun is in correct position the natives has good spinal structure, good heart. Working is good and correct temperature of body and very good eye sight. When Sun is in weak position the native suffers from weal spinal structure, heart diseases, weak eye sight, frequent fevers and weak digestive system and frequent digestive problems.

As per the expert of Astrology & Feng Shui Shri Ashish Patidar at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Sun is also the Causative of Medicines, Food products, Gold, warm food products and chemicals. As, Sun is a life giving planet and medicine also gives life to the patient. And so all the medicines and equipments used during operative produces are related to Sun is a causative factor for them. Sun is a life giving planet. Main ingredient of our food comprises of wheat, Barley, maize etc. come under the control of Sun. All such chemicals which are related to life are under the area of Sun. Sun is a hot planet. And so all such products whose nature to warmth or are of hot nature come under are of Sun.


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