Moon: The Cool Planet

Moon-AstrologyMoon is the Causative of Animals, birds, plants and creatures living in watery and cool areas. Moon planet is responsible for water and cool places and so all the animal like fish, crab, crocodile etc and plants like coconut, sugarcane are causative of planet Moon.

Metals Causative of Moon is Silver, Nickel and Aluminum. Colour of moon is white and so all the metal of white colour are the causative of planet Moon. When Moon is in good position then native gets good results profit from the use of business of such metals. When Moon is in bad position, the person gets inauspicious results and losses from use or business of such metals.

Production Causative of Moon is White articles and Fisheries. As the colour of Moon is white, so all such things of white colour like Milk production, sugar, pearl, silver, Nickel etc come under the impact of planet Moon. Causative of water is also Moon. Things/ animals produced from water like fishes, pearl or other food products etc are related to Moon.moon-sign

When Moon in good position all such things give profit to the native. When the Moon is not in a good all above things give losses and harms.

is Causative of Business related to White colour article, water tourisms and things that are produced from water.White is the colour of Moon, so all the articles, whose colour is white, are the causative of Moon. Occupation related to Moon are occupation of pearl, sugar, Rice, Milk, Silver, Nickel.Moon is causative of water. So all such things which are produced from water and these occupation; related to Fishes, salt, pearl, water animals, lotus flowers, soft drinks, drinking water, gems, sea flora, water tourism, ice-cream etc.

This article is written by Mr. Ashish Patidar an expert Vedic Astrologer from the Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Scheme No. 71, Ring Road in the city of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

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