Choose your Career based on Feng Shui and Astrology – Part 3

As per Chinese Feng Shui there are 5 elements i.e. Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. We have already discussed about the career options based on Feng Shui and Astrology for Metal and Water elements people. Now let us discuss about the Career and Job options for people belonging to Wood element. Wood is found in our nature in terms of trees. Wood can further be categorized in 2 sub parts i.e. the tree and shrubs i.e. the small plants. As the big trees are stable and unmovable while small plants are very flexible.

As per the Online and Correspondence Feng Shui training and classes conducted by The Feng Shui trainer at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, all Items that are made from wood will come under this category. Thus, people who are involved in planting trees, gardening, farming, horticulture, flower shop, fruits shop, vegetable shop, vegetable seller, etc. all will come under this category. People who are Astrologydirectly or indirectly involved in these works, business or jobs will all come under the element of wood.

Furniture is made from wood. Thus, all wooden furniture that is made from wood shall come under this category. Here, people involved in tree, timber, plywood and all related interior products like laminates, ceiling material of wood, railings made of wood, wooden bilcy, etc will come under this category.

Works that involve human will come under the Wood element. Philosophy thus will come under this category. Education field will also come under this category especially Biology, Social Services and Medicine. Thus, all people who are related to these fields will come under the wood element.

All Paper related fields will come under wood as paper is made from wood. People involved in manufacturing of paper or are dealing in wood in wholesale Feng-shuior retail will belong to the element wood category.

Media field i.e. Newspaper and Magazines as is printed on paper which is made from wood. Writers who write fiction and non-fiction will come under element Wood. Publishing field will also belong to wood element. Publishing involves printing of books on paper and its distribution. People who work or do job in a publishing company will also be categorized under the wood element.

Bookstore will also come under this category. Bookstore is a place where we get 1000s of books on various topics. Many interested people will come from different fields and purchase books as per their requirements. Book shop has thus collections of books on almost all the topics are it education, management, entertainment, fiction, non-fiction, household, knowledge, kids, etc.

Owners of Stationary shops will also come under wood element. Selling stationary items like copies, pens, pencils, sheets, files, folders, etc. are all related to paper and as paper is made from wood so stationary will belong to this type. This article was explained in the Feng Shui Online courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. Institute of Vedic Astrology is a leading center that provides Vedic Astrology Online courses, Vedic Vaastu online classes and courses, Feng Shui online courses and Numerology training courses.

Choose your Career based on Feng Shui and Astrology – Part 1

The Feng Shui expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has suggested that people who belong to metal element can choose their career based on this element. Such people can choose physical mAstrology-Signs-2etal products as their career. It means that these people based on Feng Shui can choose their businesses that are related to metal industries. They can also join industries that are based on metal element.

Precious metals like Gold, Silver can also be considered as a business opportunity for people who belong to metal element based on Feng Shui. At Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore these thoughts were given by the Feng Shui expert during a seminar on Learning Feng Shui Online or through correspondence courses. Since, India has a very big market for Gold and Silver articles as these are used in ornaments, jewellery, technology, temples, etc. so these metals have vast career opportunities for businessmen and also for the people who are involved in jobs in these areas.

Metal hardware supplies and hardware stores are also suitable business for these people. Any kind of hardware store in wholesale or in retail will be suitable for people who have their element as metal. As per the Astrology online courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore our Feng Shui expert suggest that manufacturing of metal related items that are used in these stores is also beneficial.

Motor and automobile sector will also be beneficial for people who have metal as their element. Manufacturing, supply, trading or broker ship for automobiles and their parts will prove beneficial for metal people.

People who have metal as their element can also go for Plant and Machinery. That is all items that are related to machinery whether small or heavy will be suitable. Constructing of plant or manufacturing units for these will also be beneficial to these people.

Martial Arts is another such fields where metal element people can be successful. The Feng Shui expert at the Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Indore also recommends that all metal element people should have their hobby in martial arts. These people can practice martial arts as an sport and can also get involved in teaching of this art.fengshui

Metal element people will also be successful as a Lawyer or in Public Services or Government related jobs. They are highly capable for handling situations and challenges related to these fields. As an extension they can also try their luck in becoming a Judge.

Mining of all sorts of metals and their supply will also prove beneficial as a career opportunity for people who have metal as their element. Excavation work will prove beneficial for them.

Metal element people will be successful in business of electronic components. All electronic items are related to metal element. So, if a metal element person tries to establish related to electronics then the success ratio will be very high.

Next week, our Feng Shui expert will throw lights on career options based on Feng Shui and Astrology for Water Element people.