South Direction is Not Inauspicious, Provided…

When somebody talks about Vastu Shastra for houses, plots, factories, shops, showrooms, etc then generally it is said that South direction is not auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. However, as per the Vedic Vastu experts at Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore South direction is not always inauspicious if proper care in placements has been taken care of. Some of these principles that are to be taken care are given as under:-images

  1. The most important aspect in the plot is the position of gate from where vehicles and people enter. Thus, if the plot is facing the South direction then the gate should be in the pada (position) of Grihshat which brings properity to the inmates. The position of Grihshat has to be calculated that has been taught in the Vastu Online Courses to learn Vastu Online or through correspondence courses as conducted by the leading Vastu training institute in India that is Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Indore. If the position of gate is in Grihkshat then it is very auspicious as it brings prosperity to the inmates.
  2. If the gate cannot be placed in the Grihshat then second option is to place the gate in the South portion of the South-East. Thus, placing a gate in South-South-East brings auspicious results. It is second best position as per Vastu Shastra. In our Vastu Online Classes this has been taught to the students.
  3. After fixing, the gate the third important aspect is the position of building in the plot. So, for placing the building in the plot, one must make sure that South side portion of the plot is less open as compared to North while West is less open as compared to East.
  4. The positions of gate has also to be put as per the above formulae of gate i.e. either in South-South-East or Grihshat.
  5. If the house belongs to a lady then it will bring more beneficial results as per our Online Vastu Course South direction belongs to females.vastu
  6. More openings should be made in North and East direction in form of doors and windows to get the beneficial effects of these directions.
  7. Position of all other aspects like Kitchen, puja room, bedrooms, toilets, overhead tank, underground tank, staircase, dining, facings, basements, etc. should be taken careof while architectural planning of the house.
  8. Placements of wardrobes, cupboards, mirrors, God’s position, colour schemes, kitchen placement like platform, stove, water, sink, etc., bedroom placements like bed position, facing direction during sleep, dressing, mirror, headboard, etc should be taken care of.

If all of the above points are followed then a South facing house can bring about prosperity and peace to the residents of the house.


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