Learn The Art of Numerology

Combined Number Twenty-two:

In Numerology, date found by the date of birth of a person or by his name numbers, which is from 10 or more, is called combined number. Single number shows how a native looks to others while combined numbers indicates at those hidden effects which are not visible and the accidents or events that are going to happen. We get 1363968556_numerology-onlinepremonition of those future happenings by the combined numbers. Number 1 is the number of Sun and number 9 of Mars but the numbers 1 and 9 combine to make 19 then its effect is entirely different from original numbers 1 and 9.

Combined number has special significance. On the basis of these numbers one can get information about a native’s family, his friendships and enmities, his marriage, justice, injustice, wealth and property, service, business, style of working, gambling, speculation, lottery, awards, court cases, whether he is lazy or vigorous, his wisdom, effect on politics, position in the society, how much happiness he is going to get in life etc. To learn Numerology, let us take an example of combined number 22.

As per the Online Numerology courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore the native of Combined number 22 spends his time in false hopes and when calamity hits, he thinks as to what he must do. It is the habit of these native to peep into other’s lives. These people are good but live in the world of dreams and affection. They are very successful in business. These natives will not get along with family. They must never enter into partnership Numerologyespecially with men. If their name or birth number is 4 or 8, then they should not have anybody of number 9 around them. In the selection of life partner also one should be careful about no. 9 Numbers 1, 2 and 7 names or birth numbers will be suitable for them. Many a times they take wrong decisions in life under influence of others, for which they have to repent later. It is in their nature to be involved in many works at the same time. They have full expertise of their jobs and push forward their business. They do not loose heart and attain their goad, irrespective of difficulties, mistakes and hurdles in life. So they are firm on their propensity.

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