Learn Astrology Online – The Sixth house

In order to learn Vedic and Indian Astrology Online the first information related to houses should be known. Let us learn Indian astrology by discussing about the sixth house. Sixth house is termed as the house of enemies. Six house talks about problems that may arise in native’s life, which may cause tremendous stress to native. The biggest enemy of a person is debts. Whether native has lot of debts or loans than the quality of his life decreases and he is always worried about his debts. sun-in-6-houseMany a time’s many people inherit debts or loans of their ancestors.

Whether native asks any questions related to his loans then the six houses has to be studied answer that question. Whether native will be in debts throughout his life, or whether his loans will finish quickly as to be studied from the six house of the natives horoscope. In today’s world people have credit cards where purchases can be made and the payments has to be returned in the next billing cycle. This attraction 16lures many people and they spend more then what they could have done. It also leads to vicious cycle of debts and short-term loans.

As per the Astrology expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, a leading astrology training institute that conducts correspondence course in astrology due to many tensions and stress of life native may develop disease. Sixth house also denotes disease. What kind of disease will affect native. If a native is suffering from a disease whether he will be cured soon or will it take a lot of time and money to get cured, whether native will be hospitalized for long time are studied from six house of a native’s horoscope. Whether native will suffer from incurable disease can be known from the six house of his horoscope. Mental agitation is also studied through this house.

Learn Indian Astrology Online – First house

Number first is a starting point of anything. Number one has a lot of importance in Astrology because first house is believed to be the ancient. It is called as ascendant. Ascendant affects nature, behavior, looks, age and physical capabilities, thinking patterns, etc of a native. If we take Kaalpurush (the Divine Man) then first house bigwheelsunsignsbelongs to head. In general, full body comes under its influence. Due to its relation to mind it mainly affects a native thinking, brooding and lifestyle. A person’s thinking affects his personality. If a person always thinks negative or before starting any work he thinks that he cannot complete it then you will not be able to get the desired success and would not be able to finish the work with the same efficiency with which he could have done. Though he may be able to complete the same but due to negative thinking he could not do it. This self-confidence or lack of confidence is signified by first house.

Due to its relation with body it affects person’s looks, colour, and nature, strength, built up as well as on knowledge. First house affects person’s life from birth till death. Native’s health, immune system, leadership qualities, administrative qualities, etc. can be learnt from this house as per Indian Astrology.

A person’s color can be judged just by seeing the first house of his horoscope as per the Institute of Vedic Astrology, a leading Astrology and Vastu training institute situated at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Native will be handsome or will not have good looks depends on first house. Notastrologyzodiakwheel_by_lostknightkgd27xw60 only looks the color that is fair or dark also depends on first house of native’s horoscope. Truly goodness depends on one’s nature thus whether a person is good and kind also depends on first house of horoscope. If physical and mental well-being is to be studied then it depends on the first house of the horoscope. Person’s capability, physical strength, power and built up studied through the first house of his horoscope. If a native is weak or does not have physical strength then same can be known from the first house of horoscope. These aspects of Indian Vedic Astrology can be learnt through Online and correspondence astrology courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore.

Learn Indian Astrology Online

Human beings are the supreme among all the creatures on the planet Earth. Though creatures that are more powerful than human are also present on Earth, but human have easily conquered them.

Human mind is very curious to know the deep lying secrets of nature. Human mind is the most developed and advanced Astrologycompared to any other creature on this planet. Due to this human are emotional and they posses many emotions like happiness, sorrow, etc. Humans are curious to unreveal the secrets of the nature. All the inventions and discoveries on this planet became possible due to this curiosity.

Human is attracted towards sky since the Stone Age. Though human were not knowledgeable during that time, but with time they have learnt and developed their experiences and made new discoveries. Human developed many faculties like Art, Science, Mathematics, Language, etc. Thus human obtained knowledge of many such fields. Astrology is also a subject under these. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is best Astrology Institute that provides online and training through correspondence course (distance learning) in Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Gems & Crystal Therapy and Tarot Card Reading.