Learn Feng Shui Online Series : The Thunder Area

In case of problem in the thunder area, corrective action is required in the Eastern side from center. The element of this direction is wood element. Therefore, wood element should be strengthened in the East.

  1. Green color should be used in the East direction.
  2. Long and vertical shapes would enhance the wood element.
  3. Wooden, bamboo, cane and paper articles are suitable here.
  4. Water element is helpmate of wood element. Hence, in the East direction articles of color and shape of water element can be used.
  5. Paintings of trees and forests can be used.
  6. Paintings and memory symbols of mother, father, teacher or elders are recommended.
  7. Musical instruments and radio can be kept here.
  8. Wind chime or bell can be hanged.

As per Feng Shui consultant at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore that provides online courses to learn Feng Shui from home, these things are not allowed here:

  1. Metal element is the opposite of wood element. As such use of metal element is prohibited in the East direction.
  2. White, golden and metallic colors must not be used.
  3. Decorative metallic articles and goods are not suitable.
  4. Round, arch like and oval shaped goods are prohibited.

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