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Introduction to the Tarot

In the previous days, whenever there were answers required for day to day questions then many methods were used by people. One of the very popular method was throwing a coin. A coin was tossed and it was said that if Head comes then the native shall do something and if Tail comes then the native will do something other or opposite. In India many people used spiritual books like Ramayana, Geeta, etc. for the same. They used to chant God’s name and open the book. Then the page that comes is read thoroughly and based on the meaning of that page decisions were taken. Also, one more very popular method in India is asking infants to touch any of the fingers that elders show. People used to think in advance that which finger will bring for what result. The finger that infant touches is the answer. Similarly there may be many such methods of which we are unaware.

These methods however are no doubt result oriented but they are not organised in a proper way. Also, they can give answers only to the extent of Yes or No or selection from some choices. However, there are many methods that are much more advanced, powerful and accurate than the above methods. Like question horoscope in Vedic Astrology, I-Ching in Chinese Feng Shui, Kabala system of numbers, African divination methods, Ramal system of Vedic origin, etc. One of these techniques include Tarot Reading also.

The origin of the Tarot is a mystery. However, it is believed to be a very ancient and effective technique.    The origins of Tarot are mysterious as much as the cards themselves. One theory suggests that they originated in China and some attribute it to the esoteric Schools of Philosophy of ancient Egypt. The Gypsies used to tell fortune based on cards. India is  a possible birth place and it is feasible that the 4 suits of the Minor Arcana could refer to the 4 castes of Hinduism i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

          Many derivations have been suggested for the name Tarot. It may come from the Latin word rota (wheel) which is an anagram of Tarot. The Egyptian word Ta-rosh means ‘the royal way’. Its Hebrew origin sees it as a corruption of the torah, the book of the law. Tar is the Gypsy word for a deck of cards.

The tarot is most commonly used as a tool for divination. A traditional Tarot reading involves a querent and a reader. A querent  is the native who is looking for answers to personal questions while a reader is the person who knows how to interpret the cards. After the querent has shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the chosen cards in a pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning, and each card has a meaning as well. The reader combines these two meanings to shed light on the querent’s question.

The Tarot works as abridge between our conscious and unconscious knowledge. Answers arise out of the unconscious through dreams, fantasy and intuition. Tarot cards stimulate this intuition when read sensitively. The answer lies with the unconscious memory and awareness that resides within each individual. Even though many people ignore the action of the unconscious most of the time still it profoundly affects everything what one does.

Projection is one reason why the tarot cards are valuable. Their intriguing pictures and patterns are effective in tapping the unconscious. This is the personal aspect of the tarot, but the cards also have a collective component. As humans, we all have certain common needs and experiences. The images on the tarot cards capture these universal moments and draw them out consistently. People tend to react to the cards in similar ways because they represent archetypes.

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Tilting of Fingers

After observing the hand completely, fingers should be studied to establish whether they are short or long, knotty or simple, broad or pointed from front etc. Each finger must be separately studied. Each finger has a name. The mounts or bulges below each finger introduces the fingers regarding their respective qualities.

Index finger belongs to Jupiter and its bulge is called as mount of Jupiter. Middle finger belongs to Saturn and its bulge is called as mount of Saturn. Ring finger belongs to Sun and its bulge is called mount of Sun. Little finger belongs to Mercury and so its bulge is mount of Mercury. If the fingers are not straight but bent on one side then they strengthen their mounts.

The fingers instead of bending towards each other may be situated apart from each other.

If the thumb and the finger of Jupiter appear away from each other then native will be forgiving, self reliant and possess independent views.

If the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn appear away from each other, then the native will be the master of his own thoughts. He will never fall prey of other’s views and take his own decision.

If it looks as if fingers of Saturn and Sun are separate from each other, then the native is uncareful about his future and he possesses a fickle mind.

If the fingers of Sun and Mercury look as if they are away, it means that the native is self dependent in his work. He does not need anybody’s help and he is successful in his works and views.


Native whose all  fingers are away from each other, is a sort of dictator in views and functions. He can not be immediately trusted. He does not even bother about common courtesy.

As against there are native whose finger look like pasted to each other. One cannot become acquainted with such a person easily. He likes formality. He is self centered and is a miser.

Combined Number Twenty-nine

Native of this number can rise in life with the help of others only. But they must never trust anyone especially opposite sex. If there is no harmony in the name and birth numbers of this native, then throughout his life he will encounter deceit, uncertainty, struggles and unexpected calamities. Hence coordination in name and birth numbers is a must for them. The most suitable numbers for them are 1, 2, 4 and 7. If there is no harmony with the number of life partner, then the couple will keep quarreling. These natives are expert businessman. Their plus points are practicality, art of speaking and capacity to guess what others are thinking. They are imaginative but have extraordinary miraculous power, due to which they can perform those functions which others are scared to try. They must not trade in those articles, which are perishable. If they start doing something at an early age, then they reach the apex of their career at the age of 29. Faith in God gives them mental peace and strength to march ahead. They are mentally very strong. Where others cannot even think, these natives stand erect in the group. They always keep doing something new. They should not work in mental stress. In spite of some failures in life these people scale great heights due to their investigating mental capacity.

They may have to face antagonism of family members at a very early age because of their short-tempered nature and excitement they mostly remain away from home. However, the can derive advantages with the cooperation of elders and family members. Hence they are advised to keep their anger in control and work with the support and guidance of family elders. This will be beneficial to them and they can become good artists. They are willing to help others. Their good qualities affect everybody. They can identify themselves in the spheres of photography, medicine, travels, publication, education and science. Persons of opposite sex are attracted towards them due to their charming personality. They are open-minded and meet everyone warmly but by nature they are shy and they cannot keep friendly contacts with everybody. Many of their friends cherish enemy feelings for them because of their high will power.


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Various Information About T-Junction


      If a plot is situated at the end of a road, then such a situation is like a T-Junction for that plot. Such a road pierces the plot like a spear. The effect of such road on plot is painful just like a spear. Almost all T-junctions affect the plot with more or less the same effect. Among the elements affecting the house, one of the most prominent is T-junction.

T-Junction in various directions

  1. T-Junction at North

If T-Junction is in the center of North direction of plot, then it’s effect is auspicious on the plot. The construction of house on such plots will have auspicious results.

  1. T-Junction at North-North-East

If the road in the North of a house ends at the North-East corner of the house, then it is an auspicious situation. Such plots provide enormous pleasures to the residents of the house. These houses also have an effect on the women in the house in a positive manner. The whole house is pervaded with pleasure, peace and prosperity.

  1. T-Junction at North-North-West

This situation is inauspicious.The road to the North direction of the house ending at North-West of the house has a negative effect. People in such houses lag behind in every field like education, health, family, etc.

  1. T-Junction at East

The road ending at the center of a plot in East direction is an auspicious position. If the width of this road is either equal or more than that of the house, then it is better.

  1. T-Junction at East-North-East

If the road in the East of a house ends at the North-East corner of the house, then it is an auspicious situation. Such plots provide enormous reputation and profits for institutions controlled by men. There will also be ample quantity of wealth in such houses.


  1. T-Junction at East-South-East

If the road in the East of a house ends at the South-East corner of the house, then it is an inauspicious situation. Such houses always face  scarcity of wealth. Greediness is found in man’s nature besides the negative effect on the health of women.

  1. T-Junction at South

If the road is in the South of a plot, then it is an auspicious situation. Houses constructed on such plots are appropriate for commercial purpose. On the contrary, it is not auspicious for residing purpose.

  1. T-Junction at South-South-East

If the road in the South of a house ends at the South-East corner of the house, then it is an auspicious situation. Residents of such houses are always happy and prosperous. The occassions of happiness frequently occur in such houses. The financial condition as well as reputation of residents remain vigorous.

  1. T-Junction at South-South-West

If the road in the South of a house ends at the South-West corner of the house, then it is an inauspicious situation. This situation causes negative effects. Tension and animosity among family members are the features of this situation. Bad financial condition is another aspect of this situation. The health of women also get affected.

  1. T-Junction at West

If the road is in the West of a house, then it is an auspicious situation. Such plot is good for construction of a house. The residents of such houses will always get auspicious results.

  1. T-Junction at West-South-West

If the road in the West of a house ends at the South-West corner of the house, then it is an inauspicious situation. The males of family are severely affected by this situation. Immoral character may also develop in the males of the house. The financial situation is also not very good.

  1. T-Junction at West-North-West

If the road in the West of a house ends at the North-West corner of the house, then it is an auspicious situation. Males residing in such houses constantly progress in business. They earn good reputation. Also the leadership qualities of males residing in such houses are extra-ordinarily good. Hence such a house is ideal for politicians.

In various Vedic texts available on Vastu, all spearing streets i.e. T-Junctions are regarded as inauspicious even that of North, East, West, North-East, etc. Plot situated at T-Junction are considered inauspicious be it in any direction. However, modern consultants believe that T-junction is bad at some places and good at some.

Students desirous of finding out these, with their common sense can apply this theory on practical case-studies and sites to a draw a conclusion.

Effects of Causative in Human Life

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Whats is Causative  – In linguistics, a causative (abbreviated cause) is a valency-increasing operationthat indicates that a subject causes someone or something else to do or be something, or causes a change in state of a non-volitional event. Prototypically, it brings in a new argument (the causer), A, into a transitive clause, with the original S becoming the.

                                            Effects of Causative

In the sky there is a planet called the Sun, which is self-radiating. It gives light to other planets as well. Several planets keep circling around the Sun and while so doing draw light from the Sun.

Causative Direction East : Sun rises from the east. So Sun is the causative planet for earth direction.

Auspicious Result : Gains from east direction.

Inauspicious Result : Losses from east direction.

Causative : Parts of body : Spinal coral, Heart, Eyes, temperature

Reason : Spinal Lord : Sun is the basic of  Sun-Circle so as spinal Lord is the basis of the body to keep it straight. So Sun is the causative planet of Spinal Lord.

Heart : Sun is called as Soul and main place of soul is considered as heart. And so Sun is considered as causative planet for heart.

Stomach (tBjkfXu) : The food gets digested and releases energy for the whole body to work. So is the work of Sun that it gives heat to all the weathers. So Sun is the causative element for stomach.

Temperature : Sun gives us like running fuel that is heat energy which is very necessary for living. So Sun is the causative planet for temperature.

Eyes : Sun provides light to the whole world. And so we are able to see things around us. The capability of seeing things is related with our eyes and so Sun is causative factors for eyes.

Auspicious results : When Sun is in correct position the natives has good spinal structure, good heart. Working is good and correct temperature of body and very good eye sight.

Inauspicious results : When Sun is in weak position the native suffers from weal spinal structure, heart diseases, weak eye sight, frequent fevers and weak digestive system and frequent digestive problems.

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In China, three factors are considered for prediction of future. According to Chinese belief the heaven, the earth and the man are the three resonating factors of energy, where the energy of one factor is constantly changed and produced in the other factor. These three are believed to have three types of lucks. This luck is responsible for the development of an individual. One of these factors can never be changed, whereas the other two can be changed up to some extent.


A person has no control over the social and financial conditions of the family in which he is born. Family, society, time, country or situation, which a person gets at the time of his birth are considered a gift from God. These gifts from the God are called Heaven’s luck. Heaven’s luck of a person depends upon various factors at the time of his birth and thus it is fixed at that particular time only. Since man cannot change natural cycles, it is never possible to affect the heaven’s luck. Personality, destiny and future etc. of an individual are, therefore, decided by studying these factors.

Not only these factors but other situation like parents, caste, society, blood group etc. of a person are per-destined and are not subject to any choice. They are obtained as they are. A person has no control over the religion or caste at the time of his birth. Even science doesn’t allow a person to choose the desired heredity. Features and habits of parents are also inherited automatically. He need not put any effort for this. All the above situations, which are not controllable by a person are called Heavenly Luck. Two kids are born at the same time. One is born in a palace and is called prince while the other one is born in a hut and is the son of a poor man. This is their respective Heavenly Luck. But they can achieve anything with their action and deeds.


A man works all his life. He achieves his objectives only through his work. And accordingly he has a status in the society. Every individual sets his aims and objectives and for this he works according to his capabilities. Together with hard work, dedication and enthusiasm are equally important for achievement of one’s goals. Thus, achievement of goals is very much under one’s own control. Man can achieve anything only if he performs his duties sincerely. Education, employment and achievement of goals are all dependent on man himself. Thus, a man’s efforts alone decide his luck. This luck is called Human Luck because it can be changed by man himself. No one else is responsible for this. There are ample examples of such successful persons. These people are masters of their own luck through hard work, commitment and dedication.


The place, where a person is brought up is more influential on his life than the place where he was born. A Chinese family staying in an American state will be different from those living in China itself. Such children, who are brought-up in American culture won’t be comfortable in China. A Chinese born and brought up outside China can be easily figured out through the language he speaks. Earth’s luck of a person depends upon the environment of a place, where he is staying for a long time. A change in place will also change the Earth’s Luck.

The environment and buildings in which a person lives on earth decides his earth’s luck. Clothes, language and features of a person speak a lot about him. All these factors are affected considerably by the home and society. Financial, social and mental state of a person can be predicted by looking at his clothes. This is the effect of clothes, which are actually his cover. Clothes are worn according to seasons so that they have a good effect on the body. Similarly, homes are a man’s cover or shelter and they definitely affect the residents. Man tries to cure the negative influences caused by these factors. One of the ways to cure this is Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a practice of arrangement of environment, situation, decoration etc. in and around the home. If a person doesn’t know this, his life will certainly be affected by Earth’s Luck. But Feng Shui makes him aware of his Earth’s Luck and suggests and provides solutions to the problems.

This way three types of lucks – Heaven’s Luck, Human’s Luck and Earth’s luck play one third role each in a man’s life. Life can be considered fine if two of these lucks are good. Nobody knows what he is going to achieve. Life can be assumed best if a person with hard work creates and improves his Human Luck along with the other two. Any lack of the two lucks can be nullified by improving the Human Luck. Thus, a person should not get disappointed over a lack of the two lucks because the third one is still in his own hands. Here, in the Earth’s luck only one third change can be brought about in a man’s life through Feng Shui. It cannot change a man’s life completely.

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The month conveys additionally longing for flexibility to make what satisfies you. There is more dynamism, more innovation, and more resistance. For the current month is time of changes and modification, however just for a brief span. The home circumstance might experience minor changes. Your vocation circumstance might moved forward. This can be expert by the shrewd utilization of words while managing higher powers.


You feel more household and humane this month. At work, amicability and parity appear to be more important.This month is one in which you won’t need to stress especially over your wellspring of salary. Notwithstanding you need to share it, for the law of training suggests the need of taking in the injury of unselfishness and tolerating your obligations.


An improved feeling of the profound is available. Contemplation is all the more satisfying. Flawlessness might appear to be more vital, yet a longing to encounter liberated flexibility prevails.Be thankful for this change to consider things to be they are, for it gives you the chance to assess what does not exist when you are in an enthusiastic state of mind. Settle on the choice to study and let you field of study be boarded. Spiritualist studies ought to likewise draw in you amid this month.


Effectiveness, business discernment, regard, vision, family amicability, all are more proclaimed this month.This is a cycle in which you ought to expect the bearing of the considerable number of undertakings with which you are associated. All business arrangements ought to take after the examples that you plan, whether you are mogul or only a house wife who does the day by day showcasing.


There is more clarity of vision in regards to your inward knowingness and the welfare of mankind. There is more imaginative drive and more idealism.This is a fabulousness month in the event that you utilize its numerical vibration for the right reason, and that is to dispose of old propensities for thought and activity that are stopping your advancement. Keep in correspondence with individual who are far away, as this might lead a startling open door.


There will be new thoughts, maybe a fresh start in the administration of a group.This is great month for new business undertaking, new affiliation and new thoughts. You ought to focus on purchasing and offering, promoting and innovative work for benefit. Number 1 gives the opening of new cycles. You might expect new kinship which might demonstrate a wellspring of joy to you.


You are more delicate this month, particularly to the condition of humanity.This is the month of co-operation instead of to begin any new tasks. Yours will be the part of go between and the new to accommodate the individuals who have fought. Keep your temper at an even level . A fellowship might bloom into a sentiment or might transform into a prosperous coordinated effort.


This is a more innovative month with more idealism for the course you are going.Be cautious not a waste your cash , as an allurement to play possibly exceptionally solid. As a pioneer of your gathering you might end up in incredible distinction.


Hope to work harder this month and give careful consideration to the points of interest of your obligations identified with associations or agreeable projects.You need to buckle down and after that file achievement in this month. This is the month of sparing and working up for future.