Effects of Causative in Human Life

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Whats is Causative  – In linguistics, a causative (abbreviated cause) is a valency-increasing operationthat indicates that a subject causes someone or something else to do or be something, or causes a change in state of a non-volitional event. Prototypically, it brings in a new argument (the causer), A, into a transitive clause, with the original S becoming the.

                                            Effects of Causative

In the sky there is a planet called the Sun, which is self-radiating. It gives light to other planets as well. Several planets keep circling around the Sun and while so doing draw light from the Sun.

Causative Direction East : Sun rises from the east. So Sun is the causative planet for earth direction.

Auspicious Result : Gains from east direction.

Inauspicious Result : Losses from east direction.

Causative : Parts of body : Spinal coral, Heart, Eyes, temperature

Reason : Spinal Lord : Sun is the basic of  Sun-Circle so as spinal Lord is the basis of the body to keep it straight. So Sun is the causative planet of Spinal Lord.

Heart : Sun is called as Soul and main place of soul is considered as heart. And so Sun is considered as causative planet for heart.

Stomach (tBjkfXu) : The food gets digested and releases energy for the whole body to work. So is the work of Sun that it gives heat to all the weathers. So Sun is the causative element for stomach.

Temperature : Sun gives us like running fuel that is heat energy which is very necessary for living. So Sun is the causative planet for temperature.

Eyes : Sun provides light to the whole world. And so we are able to see things around us. The capability of seeing things is related with our eyes and so Sun is causative factors for eyes.

Auspicious results : When Sun is in correct position the natives has good spinal structure, good heart. Working is good and correct temperature of body and very good eye sight.

Inauspicious results : When Sun is in weak position the native suffers from weal spinal structure, heart diseases, weak eye sight, frequent fevers and weak digestive system and frequent digestive problems.

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