Combined Number Twenty-nine

Native of this number can rise in life with the help of others only. But they must never trust anyone especially opposite sex. If there is no harmony in the name and birth numbers of this native, then throughout his life he will encounter deceit, uncertainty, struggles and unexpected calamities. Hence coordination in name and birth numbers is a must for them. The most suitable numbers for them are 1, 2, 4 and 7. If there is no harmony with the number of life partner, then the couple will keep quarreling. These natives are expert businessman. Their plus points are practicality, art of speaking and capacity to guess what others are thinking. They are imaginative but have extraordinary miraculous power, due to which they can perform those functions which others are scared to try. They must not trade in those articles, which are perishable. If they start doing something at an early age, then they reach the apex of their career at the age of 29. Faith in God gives them mental peace and strength to march ahead. They are mentally very strong. Where others cannot even think, these natives stand erect in the group. They always keep doing something new. They should not work in mental stress. In spite of some failures in life these people scale great heights due to their investigating mental capacity.

They may have to face antagonism of family members at a very early age because of their short-tempered nature and excitement they mostly remain away from home. However, the can derive advantages with the cooperation of elders and family members. Hence they are advised to keep their anger in control and work with the support and guidance of family elders. This will be beneficial to them and they can become good artists. They are willing to help others. Their good qualities affect everybody. They can identify themselves in the spheres of photography, medicine, travels, publication, education and science. Persons of opposite sex are attracted towards them due to their charming personality. They are open-minded and meet everyone warmly but by nature they are shy and they cannot keep friendly contacts with everybody. Many of their friends cherish enemy feelings for them because of their high will power.


IVA India Institute


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