If the fingers of native are smaller than normal then his logical side is weak. He reaches to his decision soon and starts his efforts to realize the goal. He does not give it a second thought about the seriousness of the work or without acquiring any pre-knowledge about it. Because of this he is bound to fail in the later stages.

Native who have fingers long than normal go deep into the matter and under take a work after minutely analysing it.

Native with longer finger than normal arrive at a decision only after good amount of thinking. Apart form length of fingers, if the palm  is broad then speed of work is such native takes decision after deliberate thinking and their fast.

But if along with lengthy fingers, the palm  is also long, then such native are only man of words not of action. All their plans are shelved for future.

If the lengthy finger have knots also then their talent in analysis increases.

If Index finger and ring finger are slightly smaller than Middle finger then these fingers will be treated as almost of equal length and this is a normal situation.

If the middle finger is as long as either Ring or Index finger then it would be considered as small.

If Ring finger is long then index finger then it will be termed as longer than the normal. While if it is equal then it will be called as normal.

Author :-  IVA India

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