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Zodiac Sign : Capricorn


Upper part of the body like a horned goat and lower part like alligator.


This is the tenth zodiac in the zodiac cycle and its place is river and water forests.


Natives of the zodiac are of mild and soft disposition. They deal with others in a very decent and affectionate manner. They are soft-spoken, civil and sober, violence or aggressive do not match with their character. Their belief is that unnecessary violence does not solve problems of give good results while with love and sobriety you can even fame wild animals. Continue reading

SagittariusSun Sign – Zodiac Signs | Iva India

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius



          In the zodiac cycle this is the 9th zodiac. Its symbol is a man with a bow in his hand and lower part of his body is that of a horse.


          Sagittarius’s place is King’s court or a stable.


          Sagittarius is aggressive by nature. In any situation they strike first without thinking of the circumstances they suddenly attack. That is why at times they are beaten. In ordinary dispute, they get so excited that it becomes major issue. But they are wise too. Due to their brilliance they can found in many areas. Their advice is taken seriously by others because it is invariably advantageous. They take quick decision and start working. They never accept defeat and have several qualities.
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Pisces Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs | Iva India

Zodiac Sign : Pisces


Symbol of this zodiac is two fishes whose tails are jointing in opposite directions.


This is the 12th zodiac in the zodiac cycle. Its place is water body.


Natives of this zodiac are restless and hyper active. But their restlessness displays wisdom-they are always keen on doing something special. They do not think much. They are scholarly and smart also; and do their duties according to these traits of nature. They are not very stable.
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Scorpio Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs | Iva India

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Scorpio occupies eighth place in the zodiac cycle.


Place of this zodiac is in the stones and cavities of warms.


Nature of Scorpio natives is somewhat hot –tempered, but at the sometime feelings of violence and envy are only peripheral. Anger is also not everlasting. Their natural quality is stability. Whatever is to be done , they do it with stable mind, keeping it cool and concentrated. Continue reading

Virgo Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs | Iva India

Zodiac Sign :  Virgo

This zodiac’s symbol is figure of a girl.


Place of Virgo is lower part of the abdomen.


Natives of this zodiac do any job after lot of deep thinking, assessing losses and profits, what problems are likely to arise and all such aspects. Based on all this exercise they prepare blue print of the job and start it and ensure that it is finished as per fixed schedule. Due to such approach, hardly any problems arise and work is completed as planned. Continue reading

Leo Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs: Leo


          Symbol of this zodiac is Lion- the king of forest. He rules over all the other beasts of the jungle. Native of this zodiac displays all the qualities of Lion. Leo native always play the roles of king, president, Ring leader etc. By nature they are their qualities are like lion. They do justice to the people, to punish the offenders etc.


          Residence of this zodiac is cave and thick forests.

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Cancer Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs | Cancer

Cancer zodiac is Fourth in the zodiac cycle. In the body its place is at heart. Its shape is like a Crab.


Place of this zodiac is at the sheres of water bodies like tank, river, ponds etc. This is an aquatic zodiac. Its color is white.


Native of Cancer is aquatic, lustful and grateful. He is more interested in astrology, mythology, archeology etc. Once this native decides to do a thing, he does it. His life is not misform. He has tremendous thinking power and nature is restless. These natives like to live peacefully with others. Their anger subsides very quickly.
The Cancer native like journey through rivers, oceans, lakes by boats, steamers etc. They are troubling with zeal and feel contented when their hobbies are fulfilled. Such people do anything as per rules and regulations. They come forward to help people in difficulty especially the women. They are ideal, emotional and honest. They are devotees to their families, friends, parents and country. Although they are peace loving, calm and benevolent, they at-times boil up, become irritating and devoid of thinking. At times driven by self interest they behave like in a persons.
From the view point of finance, they are quite well to do. Due to their sharp wisdom they are capable of amassing wealth. They tide over all problems and make money. These are no shortage of good ideas for them, but their favorite area is farming. Right from sowing seeds to harvesting, they work very hard and at the end get good result.
They like journeys by boats or other means of water transport. However, sometimes they are scares of water which causes stomach disorders. These natives are of jolly nature which makes them dear to friends, family members etc. They are concerned about others. They are ambitious and compassionate also and have considerate heart.
But they are suspicious also. Sometimes they become of unstable mind, and have to face discontent. Attimes they are scared of loss Suring journey.
If these natives help someone, then they leave no stone unturned in helping. Native of Cancer zodiac is well built, fair complexion and healthy. They are very punctual in doing things.
Natives of Cancer are high officials, connoisseurs, collectors of antique articles, professors. Because of their love for water, they prefer working as sailors. Their mind is imaginative and they are hard working.
Such natives are emotional and are able to realize pain of others. On some occasions they become very sentimental. People, near and dear start liking them. They are law abiding and affectionate and joins others in times of need.
They often go back to their childhood day. Sometimes they become philosophers. They are good at mimicry; are fun loving and of literary taste. Also they are traditionalists, understanding and theocratic. They are always careful.


Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.


Cancer zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a quality of adapting as per circumstances.


Cancer is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Cancer is unstable zodiac. That is why the natives do not stick to decision taken, or are fickle-minded.

Parts of body/Diseases

Lungs of these natives are bit weak. They may take to drugs and loose physical strength. Indigestion and vision problems are common in Cancer natives.
As they worry too much, some discomforts arise. They are popular amongst women and friends.


Most of the Cancer natives are connected to trade, commerce and industry related business. They are importers, explorers and commissions agents. They are also manufactures of various items which they sell. As industrialists they provide employment to many people.
For a native born in Cancer zodiac, business of items related to water are very advantageous like pearls, counches etc. In this section they make good fortune. They make proper use of money earned and despite wealth do not indulge in bad habits. They are well behaved, attractive and wise but not proudly.
They are masters of secret knowledge and excel in areas of astrology, mythology, medicine, engineering etc but are naturally suitable for business.

Solar System

The basis of astrology is related to Solar system. Our ancient saints have developed their inner consciousness to a great extent through meditation and yogic sciences. Due to the development of inner consciousness they could receive the divine knowledge. After meditating and deep thinking on this divine knowledge they could visualize the solar system in their minds.



Time System

With their understanding of solar system they were able to form relation of other planets with Earth. They could also feel the impact of Sun and Moon on earth and human beings. On the basis of this relation the nine planets, the twelve months, the time system, etc. were formed. This knowledge got more systematic and deeper.



Sun is taken as a centre of this universe. Other than Sun six other planets that are Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn were taken into account. Rahu and ketu are two points were considered to be shadow planets. The relation of these planets with Earth and people living on Earth were formed and it became a deep study. Since Sun is not planet but a start and Earth is a planet but for convenience Sun is taken to be a planet for easy calculation and Earth is not taken into this equation. This made all astrological calculations easier. Thus, nine planets were formed. It is believed that when a native is born then the effect of these planets is bestowed on that native based on the position of planets in the sky at the time of birth of the native.



Solar system or the whole cosmos is taken to be a circle. As you already know that each circle has 360°. It is also called as Bha-Chakra. All the planets, constellations, stars and all heavenly bodies are situated in this Bha-chakra. It will be very difficult to identify a particular place in such a big area. So this circle is divided into twelve parts. Since the circle has 360° so dividing it into twelve parts will make each part equal to 30°. This part which measures to 30° is called as houses in astrology. Thus there are twelve houses in each horoscope.

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