Leo Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs: Leo


          Symbol of this zodiac is Lion- the king of forest. He rules over all the other beasts of the jungle. Native of this zodiac displays all the qualities of Lion. Leo native always play the roles of king, president, Ring leader etc. By nature they are their qualities are like lion. They do justice to the people, to punish the offenders etc.


          Residence of this zodiac is cave and thick forests.


          Cruelty is quite visible in the nature of Leo natives. They perform any job in a cruel style. They are healthy and try to do things without fear of favor.

          They dislike doing things under pressure from anyone, and believe that one must perform one’s duties, using his or her own brain, without bending before anyone. This will ensure success.

          These natives follow the laid down policies. They follow the rules and procedures and are punctual. One can call them good judge. They too hear both the parties and then decide as to who is guilty and who is wrong.

          They have faith in doing the assigned job not worry about result one does not ask for return of donation. For them best donation is passing on knowledge to others. Donation of crop or food comes next. Realization of other people’s needs, offering food to the hungry, water to thirsty, clothes to naked and other things to those who need them. In short Daan of charity of any kind should be performed.

Leo natives trust others and get things done by others. Once they promise to do something for someone, they do not rest till the promise is fulfilled.

          They proceed to do a job after cool headed thinking. They first make enquiries, prepare a plan, discuss with others and then only start a work. Infect their approach and thinking is positive.

          Leo natives are progressive and keep rising in life. If in service they go on getting promotions.

          To start any  job one needs money and these natives quickly solve the money problem by arranging from various sources. If the native is head of the family, then the matter is different; but she is a woman then she and her husband jointly work. Both of them care for the family and hence become popular in the neighborhood. Native’s dominant personality adds to their popularity. They get immense pleasure to see other in good shape and happy.

          If the native is in some one’s service, he attends to his duties delight and tirelessly. They are honest by nature.

          Their best attitude is stability. They concetrate their attention towards the job and do not derivate which is the best quality. Such an approach makes ever tough jobs easy for them. Everyone is impressed by their performance. Appreciation from all quarters inspires them to work ever harder.

          Leo zodiac natives become icons. People imitate their work. They come out with many ideas and distribute them freely so that others derive benefit from them. They get mental peace in doing so. Their motto is that everybody must be happy, satisfied and prosperous. They propagate such ideals even if they have to suffer.  Come what may they do not retrace their steps. Social service is dear to them. They are in the front row when ever occasion comes to help poor, sick, fortuned or helpless. Service of humanity is like religion to them. They do not expect any reward for their services or charity because they  do such things without any self-interest.

          Leo natives are called Lion hearted which means that they are fearless and help other without expecting any reward.

          Their approach is not narrow but all embrassing. Narrow minded people cannot perform so well because their thinking is limited. But Leo natives think in the interest of all.

          Another feature of their character is transparency. They do not hide their intentions. You can see through them. They are open minded  and expect others also to be so. Yet another quality is foresightedness. They initiate a job after taking into accout future difficulties and because of such approach they do not come across problems which cannot be solved.

          These natives know what to do and what not to so. Why should one do a thing which may prove unprofitable? However, if such a thing is to be done then they take all precautions right from the beginning.

          These natives never become destitute and never ask for unwanted favors form others. Neither they harass others nor they want to get perform for themselves. If a Lion does not get his food, he prefers to remain hungry but never becomes destitute.

          Leo native’s new experiments themselves. They do not take help from others because they are industrious. Their personality is attractive and know how to attract people. They are efficient right from birth. They are highly patriotic. Army life is preferred by them. They are firm on their decisions and are forsighted. Self esteem is their special quality.

          Policies are like playing with fire. Hence only these who are willing to take risk can attributes. They know how to extract support of the masses in democracy. That is why they rise high in this field. Normally they are good economists too.

          Such natives are conscious about their status and reputation. They remove hardly from their path and go ahead.


          Leo sign belongs to Kshatriya. Kshatriya people no doubt gives courage to face difficulties but it also gives anger and cruelty. Cruelty is also an inseparable part of their nature. Kshatria have been assigned the task of fighting, killing the enemies, capturing and pulling them behind the bars are acts of cruelty, but is quite natural for them.


          Fire element gives its brightness to the natives. These natives are famous in their fields. They attain heights due to their hard work, spirit and enthusiasm.


          Leo is a masculine zodiac. Because of this these natives are short-tempered. They lose their cool at slightest pretext.


          This is a stable zodiac. Due to this they stick to decisions one taken. They go according to their decisions and try to ensure stable life.

Parts of body/Diseases

          Backache, pain in arms, wrists and heart-problems are common in Leo natives. Blood related problems, pain in bones, fever, jaundice and vision problems are other diseases seen in these natives.

Area of work

          These natives can be educationists, psychologists, politicians etc. They have sharp intellect, which makes them good teachers or scholars. They are an asset to the country. They are good at trading also-especially eatable items.

          Such natives can be found as chairmen of various organisations, boards, managers. In industries also they occupy high offices, apart from political posts. They scale great heights in their favorite areas not only in their own countries but are acknowledged across the world.

          They are well known in small scale industries and cottage industries. Other areas where they excel are agricultural industries, animal husbandry, poultry farms, fruit gardening etc. In each area one has to face profit and loss but Leo natives do not bother about such things. They are dare devils and believe in marching forward.

          Leo natives can be religious leader, great social reformers, advocates etc. They are not afraid of fights of disputes.

          They can also be famous writers, dramatists, novelists. Film producers and music directors as well as poets. Their imagination knows no limit. If they take to writing novels –their  writing are appreciated by the readers. They take a dip in the sea of imagination and come out with pearls. Many of them are famous film makers. In brief they are highly successful and respected lot in all walks of life.
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