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Zodiac Sign : Libra 



This zodiac is seventh the zodiac cycle and means balance, scale or Tula.


Market place is the place of this zodiac.


The Libra natives know how to make wealth or profit of they start a small business, they work to increase it by hard work and soon the small business starts looking up. Laxmi the devi of wealth is always favorable to them.

Profit and loss are two aspects of business. As such these natives also suffer self back one to market conditions, for example if a native invest Rs. 10,000/- and may not earn any profit but the principal amount remains intact. So they do not make profit but they do not get depressed and continue their efforts. Ultimately their hard work yields results and they start earning profit. Making money is their ultimate goal. These natives are born traders especially men.
Such natives take others also with them so that they too become prosperous. This attitude makes them popular in the society. They are insidious, never surrender before failure and convert loss in to gain.
Luke other humans they too loose temper sometimes but their anger is short-lives. If a business is not flourishing or giving, losses, they do not give up but set things right by the determination and courage. They are choosy and experts in taking right decision. In this area they became so perfect that others also imitate their method and style.
However, at Times they become selfish to same extent. By and large they are broad minded. Their power of assessment is superb. They choose the right course and ensure. Success for self as well as for others.
Sometimes fortune smiles at them unexpectedly and they make money in lottery or a game show etc. Their sharp foresight also is responsible for sudden profit. Even when they lose sometimes, they recover by their hard efforts, farsightedness and determination. Negativity and disappointed and such words are not in their dictionary. These spirit, zeal and positive thinking remain intact. They keep preparing for all port abilities and so never fail in any examination. They are toppers in their schools and colleges.
Libra natives are lovers of anything that is beautiful and have a clean mind. They are beyond envy, hate or bad habits. Science was always against astrology but various researches and studies have compelled science to accept astrology as a correct discipline.
Because of their so many good qualities other are insured and they follow their example.
Natives of this zodiac pay respect to saints, hermits and spirituals leaders. They are religious and zealously take part in religious activities. Especially lady natives are more inclines towards such matters. Reading religious literature, listening to spiritual discourses are their hobbies. These days such discourses are shown on the TV channels also which is very much liked by such natives. Due to such devotees yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has become a household name. The great Maratha vir Shivaji was a devotee of Guru Ramdas. He became a legend due to training of swamiji.
They are peace loving. They dislike noise or pollution of any kind at their place of work. They try to find ways to reduce noise pollution and appeal others also to join them. They take part in the affairs of city security services and co-operate with administration and police etc.
Elderly natives of Libra do not get full happiness of their sons, but they do not protest and guide their sons to go in the right direction. In other words they do the duty of the father and in most causes are able to win over their successors.
Female natives of this zodiac are very smart cultures and intelligent. They are well versed in domestic duties. Those who are enterprising are honest in dealing and earn huge profits. They do not get depressed by adversities. It a woman is well educated, she educates two families, they are inclined towards luxuries also and like costly clothing, jewelleries, house. They spend money on these items. Their lifestyle is of high order. They like to so business all by themselves- not in partnership and prove to be good business women. They work hand in hand with their husband’s business. In our country women are given the status of Lakshmi. They notify this belief. They live long with their life-partners.
Family of such a woman native is happy, well off and prestigious. Their children are very much cultured and prove good students.
Basic nature of such natives is rational, intellectual and they execute their responsibilities excellently.
They are good at self-defence. They learn martial arts like just, karate etc and face the attacker with courage if such an occasion comes.
Many women natives of Libra have risen to highest officials and re still occupying high posts. These days they are welcome in the defence forces also.
It is said that behind each success full man is a woman. Libra women natives are examples of such ladies.
Libra means scale. In order words both husband and wife like two parts of the balance and in real life also they try to maintain balance by helping each other.
Natives of this zodiac exibirit their natural qualities from the childhood. They never speak lies. Habits of honesty and deep rooted in them and they grow with the age.


Libra sign belongs to Vaishya class. They keep trying to earn profit. These natives prefer self Business over service.


Libra’s element is wind. This makes the natives nature instable. Just as wind is calm but can turn into storm, the natives are also instable.


Libra is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Libra is an unstable zodiac. That is why the natives do not stick to decision taken, or are tickle-minded.

Parts of body/Diseases

Backache is a routine problem. Urinary problem like stone can also arise and it they start consuming alcohol in more quantity then liver and kidneys are bound to be affected.

Area of work

Most of Libra natives are found in business, small scale industries, cottage industries etc. Business is natural to them. Because they are foresighted, industrious and devoted, they invariably succeed in business.
Representatives of Libra zodiac are renewed politicians, ambassadors and gagelted officers. Expertise in foreign affairs makes them highly successful in the state capital.
They also make a mark in social and public fields. They are scattered in the areas of education, literary publications, electronic media and such other areas.
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