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Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Scorpio occupies eighth place in the zodiac cycle.


Place of this zodiac is in the stones and cavities of warms.


Nature of Scorpio natives is somewhat hot –tempered, but at the sometime feelings of violence and envy are only peripheral. Anger is also not everlasting. Their natural quality is stability. Whatever is to be done , they do it with stable mind, keeping it cool and concentrated.

Sometimes they lose their cool nature and deviate from the aim. However, they do not take much time to repain their original coolness and become stable again. They are a bit proudy also but this state is also a passing phase. After same time they shake of their proud.
Little bit of obstinacy can also be seen in these natives. Like above weak points, this stubbornness is also temporary and they become normal before long. Sometimes this obstinacy is for a good cause. In that case it cannot be considered as a fault.
Woman native are more obstinate. If she wants something from her husband, she would not let him rest till brings what she wants. She also likes to look attractive and beautiful and insists on getting cosmetics and various items available in the market. Traits of this nature can be observes them her childhood days. However, this not a minus point of nature because women are known as fair sex and deserve these things.
Scorpio natives are straight forward and call a spade a spade. They do not care it telling a truth so bluntly may annoy someone. Viewed from another angle such straight forwardness is a virtuous because truth is always bitter and such natives say something only after they are convinces that they are right.
Natives of this zodiac have to struggle a lot to earn money. Numerous obstacles arise in their path. But to achieve the target they can do anything. They know that nothing can be achieved without struggling. The more the suffering-more would be the gain. Hence they become rough and tough and laborious.
Behavior of these natives with others is clean. Their mind is full with feelings of compassion and purity. To put it in other words their mind is untrained like a child.
This quality of purity they get from the nature itself. No doubt they are large hearted and clean but are miser also i.e. they do not spend money on useless things. Because they make money after to ailing hard; so they realize its importance. They do spend when it is necessary. Hence miser is not the right description of Scorpio natives. Frugal would be more appropriate. They also know that it is easy to spend and equally difficult to earn. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in practicing frugality. These natives are liberal in matters of charity.
Also these natives are tolerant. They are able to bear anything good or bad. They are like farmer who bear could whole, rain or sun concentrates on their farming.
Scorpio natives earn laurels in any field. One was a great singer in a court of a King Emperor. They are talented authors, story writers, cartoonists etc. In these areas their contribution is recognizes and they are awarded in the society, courts or Governments. One Marathi poet belonging to this zodiac was awarded biggest award. There are many such examples can be found and if you care to look around. For many of them take takes a sudden turn and they set promotion, better job, some honor etc. Sometimes Luck opens Hood-gate and they become millineries.
Generally these natives are healthy, zealous and attached to nature. Natures help them in doing something good. They are also valiant not only in the battlefield but in any other area. Due to their forbearing capacity, they exhibit remarkable velour.
In laws of these natives is very rich. They get immense help from them but they believe in earning their own living. They hate depending on anyone.
In laws of women native is also rich and lives in luxury. As she is herself industries, she starts something of her own attains success. Many such women natives are proving to be excellent entrepreneurs and contributing their bit to the family.
Their oraurarm is superb. Everyone is impressed by their art of speaking. If they are lecturers, they hypnotize the class by their style and wisdom. Students never forget what such natives had taught. They explain any subject in a such lucid manner that even difficult subject becomes easy to understand.
These people are blessed with various facilities and comforts –like vechicles,money, good house etc. In spriit of this they derive happiness in what they are past-masters in the art of speaking. Their furthers are known in different areas. They keep on establishing new records. Not only their intellect but their vision is also very sharp.
Such natives are very much attatched to their wives. They are able to gauge a person. Like when scorpion strikes, the venom spreads in the entire body. Likewise if a women native of this zodiac makes love relationship with other men, her venom grips those men. But mostly these natives are well-cultured and avoid forbidden affairs.
Female native maintains cleanliness in her house and also the clean atmosphere of nearly areas. She likes cleanliness. She is a perfect housewife and cares for family members. The way she decorates and managers the household impresses everyone. In short she is an asset to the household.
She also believes in saving and does not allow any kind of waste. E.g. she is careful that steam does not leak out from utensils while she is cooking. Saving means not only money saving, it includes saving of time and other gadgets.
Children of this zodiac are not-compromising type and wish to see happy end of any good work. They are of the opinion that one does not get desired results by compromise. He is active and does a job after through planning and at the right moment. In due course he becomes a good citizen and social worker.


Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.


Scorpio zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a quality of adapting as per circumstances.


Scorpio is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


This is a stable zodiac. Due to this they stick to decisions one taken. They go according to their decisions and try to ensure stable life.

Part of body/Diseases

Natives of this zodiac normally face urinary and reproductive problems. Stone in kidney, pimples on the face and pikes are other diseases they suffer from,

Area of work

Share market. Game show, lottery are favorable areas for Scorpio natives. Their fortune leaps up in trading, education, music and acting also. One such native has immortalized himself as an actor. These natives are attached to land too because they are expert farmers and extract bumper crops. Besides framing they also earn my scale and purchase of land.
They get the satisfaction and pleasure of owning vehicles, bungalows, high posts via ambassadors, high commissioners etc. They have deep knowledge of laws of rules. They are responsible citizens who care for the up liftmen of the Nation.


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