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Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius



          In the zodiac cycle this is the 9th zodiac. Its symbol is a man with a bow in his hand and lower part of his body is that of a horse.


          Sagittarius’s place is King’s court or a stable.


          Sagittarius is aggressive by nature. In any situation they strike first without thinking of the circumstances they suddenly attack. That is why at times they are beaten. In ordinary dispute, they get so excited that it becomes major issue. But they are wise too. Due to their brilliance they can found in many areas. Their advice is taken seriously by others because it is invariably advantageous. They take quick decision and start working. They never accept defeat and have several qualities.

          They wish well for everyone and give their advice without any selfish motive. Sometimes they get confused and while doing anything positive also. Some trace of confusion persists, but they do not stop and continue to march ahead.

          Their activities sometimes are neither auspicious nor in auspicious. Whatever is to be done, they start it personally and proceed methodically. They rise in life step try step.

          They are self-dependent and self conscious. They keep an eye on something new to enhance their income.

          They are charitable, rich and reputed in the society.

          There knowledge of all areas is perfect and they put it to proper use. Besides they do not keep knowledge conceited in their mind. Instead they feel happy to enrich knowledge of other people also. Many natives of this zodiac are known for their wit and intellect.

          They give charity with open palm. If they see a person in need of something, they do not hesitate to provide him that. Charity never empties your cotters. On the contrary money keeps tricking into it. They help poor students by giving them books or paying their school of fees. Little wonder therefore, that people willingly have regard for such natives.

          Women natives of this zodiac do not live long due to various ailments.

          These natives often display carelessness in money matters. Partnership in any business does not prove profitable to them. In the industrial area also they are not much successful. They start with limited resources, money and time e.g. seasonal business like agriculture related business involving seeds, instruments, manures, pesticides etc. These items require less capital but yields better profit.

          Natives of this zodiac are very fond of horse ridieng. They take interest in horse trading and stud farming. Riding tongs, Business or simply horse riding is their hobby.

          Family life of these natives happy and contented. All the family members love peacefully. Their sons are obedient. They can be aggressive also but most of them end up as scholars and intellectuals.

          Those who are in service are generally greedy. They look for ways to make illegal money and luck also favors them. They do make money in business but earn more in service by way of money and prestige. They adopt immoral means to gain promotion or money.

          Woman native may become a widow, but due to aggressive nature she does not loose courage. These ladies can hold high administrative posts. They take interest in public service. She is able to take right decision due to her keen intellect. She can also rise to become a judge of high court.

          There may be occasion when a native of this zodiac may be demoted owing to aggressiveness. They cannot help giving too much advice to people. In so doing they lose their track and degradation starts. However, they are born tough and face the situation courageously.


          Kshatriya people no doubt give courage to face difficulties but it also gives anger and cruelty. Cruelty is also an inseparable part of their nature. Kshatriya has been assigned the task of fighting, killing the enemies, capturing and pulling them behind the bars are acts of cruelty, but are quite natural for them.


          Fire element gives its brightness to the natives. These natives are famous in their fields. They attain heights due to their hard work, spirit and enthusiasm.


          Sagittarius is a masculine zodiac. Because of this these natives are short-tempered. They lose their cool at slightest pretext.


          Sagittarius zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a fix.

Parts of body/Diseases

          Skin related problems are common to these natives. Woman natives’ longevity is comparatively short. She might get burnt accidently. At times a female native may die unnatural death. Stomach disorders too are common.

Area of work

          Their first choice is service. Because of their personality, enthusiasm, physique they get preference in private, public sector or government jobs. Police, defense, administrative posts are their other favorites. Wherever you so you will find Sagittarians occupying lower, middle and high posts in various department and organizations. They take interest in science, astrology, engineering, music, acting also.



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