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Zodiac Sign : Capricorn


Upper part of the body like a horned goat and lower part like alligator.


This is the tenth zodiac in the zodiac cycle and its place is river and water forests.


Natives of the zodiac are of mild and soft disposition. They deal with others in a very decent and affectionate manner. They are soft-spoken, civil and sober, violence or aggressive do not match with their character. Their belief is that unnecessary violence does not solve problems of give good results while with love and sobriety you can even fame wild animals.
Their diet, thoughts and intellect also reflects above virtues, they dislike malignant and spicy food which makes a person rough. Sobriety opens many gates for a person automatically. India could win independence by soft non-violent methods only.
Natives this zodiac sometimes makes good profits but loose it also. Nothing for them is auspicious or inauspicious. If you suffer today’ you will gain tomorrow. Fate provides them wealth and happiness. They make money by easy and ethical means i.e. making up profit in business, dealings in real estate or from attractive salary.
They live within their income. Not that they cut short their desires but do not over spend. If they have sufficient Money to spend on luxury, better living, they do not hesitate to spend. But in a nut shell they are against excessively luxurious living.
These natives live long. They do not have innervating habits like drinking, smoking etc. Sometimes these simple, cool tempered people face very difficult situations in this wicked world. But their soft and sober nature restrains them from getting wild or violent ultimately, bad time is over and they recoup what had been lost. They know that after a well hits the bottom it has to come up. Therefore, one has to win after a defeat only thing is that one must remain unperturbed by temporary bad periods.
Sometimes these natives perform hard and aggressive acts under the garb of decency. They at times beat up their wives, but finally realize their mistake or repent for their rough behaviors and become their origin of self.
This zodiac has given us a number of freedom fighters and martyrs.
They are mild like a she goat. They take simple toad and their thoughts are also simple. They like company of religious saints and spiritual leaders. Although they practice frugality but do not leg behind in giving alms at charity. As per them giving knowledge is the best charity.
Mothers of this zodiac are hot-tempered and they live long. The native gets opportunity to make his mother comfortable, Natives are a bit Romeo type, lovers of entertainment and interested in poetry, music and acting. They become well-known poets. Also one can find reputed editors and authors in the category of this zodiac. They are valiant, efficient, wise and good politicians. They know how to make strategies in democracy.
They make a name in high administrative circle also due to their calm nature and ability to take instant decisions. They also like fun and prolix and make a gathering interesting. Due to humorous nature they do not have to face many difficulties. Also they are cool, tolerant, serious and temperate. Thus they have keys of glory in their hands.
Natives of Capricorn zodiac earn wealth and repute by hard labor but their children start misusing money affecting prestige of their fathers. Such natives are worries because of such sons. However, the try their best to concern their sons about the pit falls of bad route and mostly area able to repair the damage.
These natives are disgusted with their employees as well who cause them some losses. Their married life is excellent and sweat couples do not quarrel much. Husband and wife both are wise enough.


Capricorn sign belongs to Vaishya class. They keep trying to earn profit. These natives prefer self Business over service.


Capricorn zodiac element is earth. Hence they are simple by nature. They are forgiving and generous.


Capricorn is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Capricorn is an unstable zodiac. Its natives are restless. It is difficult for them to stay at one place for long or stick to one job.

Parts of body/Diseases

These natives do not frequently visit clinics or hospitals or consult doctors. They believe in keeping themselves till by controlled diet, yoga, exercise and physical labor. Such as approach keeps them in goes shape and saves time and money which otherwise would be wasted on treatment.
Younger children of this zodiac do have some minor health problems but they are cures by naturopathy.

Area of work

Natives of this zodiac are satirists, authors, comedians and actors. Some of them are famous music directors.
They make reasonable fortune in land and farm related dealing. They start good business such as poultry farming, production of manure, bio gas, fruit, vegetable and however farming, growing sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, producing cotton etc. They never indulge in any illegal business.
Due to natural qualities they prove to be good salesmen or saleswomen. They have a knack of convincing customers to buy their items.
They are prophetic readers and novelists. They excel in debates, painting, and music also. Bothe men and women natives of this zodiac are earning laurels in various areas. These natives are found in politics, publication etc also.


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