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Zodiac Signs : Aquarius


This is the 11th zodiac in the zodiac


Its symbol is earthen pot shape.


Its place is potter’s house or water body.


Natives of Aquarius zodiac are spiritual, serious by nature. And go deep into a matter. Due to their serious thinking, they are able to perform their assignment easily. The think deeply into it. They speak on any subject with characteristic seriousness. .They are too good at debate competitions and hypnotize the audience when addressing a big gathering.
Whenever and whatever they speak, they speak after through homework and in a serious style. Everybody is attracted by their demeanor. They become popular in public also by their wisdom and wit.
They think positively but do not deny negativity. However, negativity spoils many good jobs; as such they stick to positive approach.
These natives are modernists and reject time beaten old beliefs like child marriage, not permitting young widows to remarry.
Natives of Aquarius zodiac are kind and cordial. Because of politeness their friend circle is very wide. Their speaking style is different it is not offensive. They display courtesy and respect towards everyone. It is their natural attribute to treat ever strangers with respect. They are immune to honor and dishonor; as a result of which they command respect from all.
Some of them are tough also. They remain neutral in any auspicious matter and put toward their views, if any in a lucid manner. By and large they are winners in all areas.
They are valiant also. They exhibit their bravery in coal fields as well as in the playground. Many reputed cricketers, athletes, journalists, film critics come from this zodiac.
These natives are very much different from the natives of other zodiac. They think about betterment of all irrespective of their religion, castle, creed etc. In other words they are humanists. Humanism is their religion and they help everybody as best as they can.
There natives are rich as well as virtuous. They like to earn and spend in good cause. They just do not throw away money.
Even when they become richer than expected, they do not become lazy. Wastage of precious time is not acceptable to them. They know that time never stops. As such they make the best use of it. They have enemies too but they care hoots for them and do not derivate from their path.
They get full advantage from their in law also, as is the key of in-laws’s locker is in their hands. They mix up an easily with in laws and even interfere in the affairs, they get sufficient respect from in laws and their view is considers while taking any decision.
Some Aquarians take birth in poor families but fate takes a turn for good and they became milliners. Even when they are passing through lean periods, things become favorable and they get money and honor. But they do not put money to bad use.
We spite their strong financial status, they sometime look like living in poverty. Infact that is frugality and like to maintain low profile. Their sons may sometimes misuse the wealth.
Blessing hand of Laxmi and Kuber is always on their head. They are never poor.
They are good authors. Their capacity of assessment is remarkable. Their wives are courageous. Fighters and strong willed. They face any difficult situation with determination and bravery. They have problem solving skills and inner strength as well as positive attitude. Combination of these qualities makes them successful.
Woman native may achieve success but has to deal with many problems. She not only manages household or family problems but relatives, neighbors etc.
Natives of this zodiac have several friends, because they cannot see a friend in trouble and are ever willing to help them in many ways.
This native is well read, civilizes and cool tempered. He makes a mark in academic field. He even goes abroad for higher education. This foreign journey can be for business studies.
Their memory is very sharp which places them on high looking in Government. They are expert valuers and can correctly evaluate. Anything and separate white from black.
They are entrusts with big responsibilities due to their attractive personality, foresightedness and capacity to take timely decisions. They know how to protect nation’s interests in foreign countries. That’s why they represent their countries abroad. They know how to solve pressing problems. There is no knot which they cannot untie.
Aquarians get good co-operation from their brothers but it may not be in the form of financial support. If the native is eldest brother, all responsibilities of the family fall on his shoulders but they steer through. In the latter half of life they get more attention of younger brothers.
Natives of this zodiac are extremely lucky in respect of their wives. They are married to loverly person. Well qualified and well-mannered girls. Also they get financial support from the in-laws. All these factors contribute to happy married life.
This native is of stable mind. Apparently he looks quite but inside he may be engrossed in many problems. He maintains calm and is mostly serious. He dislikes irrelevant talking, speaks less and to the point. Many natives are known for their social service.
Natives of this zodiac can bear pain and are expert in finding solution of difficult problems. They get the pleasure of children. Those in government jobs often clash with the superiors.
They exhibit their expertise in shipping, oil refineries, fisheries and such areas. They are found in the Navy and merchant Navy or oil drilling.
By nature Aquarians are versatile geniuses and always eager to learn something new. The first half of their life is somewhat economically well but in later half they are in very sound condition


Varna of Aquarius is Shudra. Due to this fact the natives are industrious and self-dependent. They are always willing to help others and good at doing anything.


Aquarius’ element is wind. This makes the natives nature instable. Just as wind is calm but can turn into storm, the natives are also instable.


Aquarius is masculine zodiac. Masculine quality makes them hot-tempered. They get irritated at ordinary things.


This is a stable zodiac. Due to this they stick to decisions one taken. They go according to their decisions and try to ensure stable life

Parts of body/Diseases

In the old age these natives are gripped by stomach, chest, respiratory problems but they try to keep as bit agile as possible.
Another problem with them may be pain in the knees and in blood circulation. If they drink more, them many physical problems crop up.

Area of work

Aquarians are idealists and do their job in friendly spirit. They are practical in their approach.
Also they feel comfortable working in a team. They occupy high offices in government and social organizations. If they opt for science, they keep busy in inventions and research. They are good in space science and astrology, photography and editing.
Another place where they are much in demand is aviation of air force.
They take part in research especially space research. A women native of Indian origin is a famous figure in NASA.
They make their pressure fact in music. Their grip on music reaches perfection in Bhajans, vocal songs and kirtans. They are successful businessmen also. Balancing of loss and profit is child’s play for them. They contribute in journalism, school books, novels, poverty, publication, politics etc and everywhere they earn a lot.
At times people take undue advantage from them whom they trust. Even a close friend may cheat them. But they make good profit in partnership firms. In agriculture also they get very good return. Some of these natives are successful exporters of agricultural products like Tomato. Soya beans, cotton etc.


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