Learn Feng Shui through Feng Shui Online course at ivaindia

Feng Shui is not a costly thing and don’t require any structural changes at home building and other work areas. In the culture of china, wind and water associated with good health. Feng shui is also known as the symbol of fortune and provides prosperity, health and peace.

Architects, Interior Decorators, Engineers, Astrologists and many other technicians over the world are applying rules of Feng Shui to make their work more effective and beneficial for their clients. Feng Shui works not only in homes but it also helps to generate positive results of nature’s energy at factories, offices, schools, hospitals and shops etc.

We at Institute of Vedic Astrology provide Feng Shui Online course to teach you the art of Feng shui and to make you an expert of Feng shui science. You can join our institute to take the advantage of online courses and to choose Feng shui as a successful career path.

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Feng Shui Course Syllabus

Module 1

Introduction to Feng Shui, Art of placement, acupuncture in space, Geomancy, Yin & Yang, Tai-Chi, Development of Schools, Universal rules of Feng Shui, Five Celestial Animals and their applications in house, building, bedroom, office, etc.

Module 2

The five elements, significance in Feng Shui, Instant Analysis of house, Stages of Feng Shui consultation, The five senses, Yin and Yang food, Predecessor Chi, directions and analysis properties on map. Map reading.

Module 3

Chi : Sheng and Sha chi, Shapes and energy flow in them, Space Clearing and purifying ritual: duration, ways, benefits; clutter clearing, Placements Part I: doors, windows, toilets, mirror, etc.

Module 4

Placements Part II : Roads, River, broken glass, doors, objects, tree, signboards, other house, etc. Career, Marriage, Parents, Wealth, Fame, Income, Expenses, Enjoyment, Education, Name, assessment of internal environment.

Module 5

Layouts : structure of rooms, corridors, roof, entrance, stairs, garage, kitchen, bedrooms, other rooms, front portion, driveway, open ground, verandah, balconies, building material, measurements; Finding Auspicious Directions of Vitality, health-wealth, longevity and life.

Module 6

The balancing cures, unifying principle, application of cures, preparation to be done for installing cures, applying cures for various aspects, natural cures, artificial cures, cures with spiritual seeking and intention, effect of cures, results, time of installing cures, etc.


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