About Astrology: IvaIndia

What is astrology?

Veda is called as Shruti in Indian literature. In ancient time our culture was incorporated in all the literature available.

Astrology is called as the eyes of Veda. Eye is related to seeing. Thus astrology is aimed to see the events that happen which could be past, present or future. On individual basis astrology helps in knowing various events that may happen in a person’s life from birth to death. It also helps to forecast auspicious and inauspicious situations that may occur in a native’s life.

Formation of astrology

Astrology is formed on the basis of effects of planets and constellations on human beings. Astrology thus aims on studying various incidents that occur in human’s life. As human beings are very inquisitive in nature and everybody is very much interested to know what is going to happen next in their life so astrology has become an important tool helping people know their future.

Astrology – a science or an art

Astrology is a science because it has strong basis that are based on heavenly bodies in which is universal and can be applied everywhere. It has very strong foundation that is related to stars and planets and their effects on individual. It has very logical base where events could be predicted in a very systematic and pre-calculated manner. Science is based on logical calculations which are of universal nature and can be applied everywhere with the same logic. For development calculation of day and night, months, years, time and position of stars, planets and constellations on a said time is required. So astrology is perfect mathematical, geometrical and scientific through which it shall be calculated perfectly. A very common yet very powerful example of this speculation of sunrise of various cities everyday. Perfect calculation of eclipse, full Moon, no Moon, etc. thus form a very important part of mathematical astrology. It is very much related to astronomy which studies planets.

Due to mathematical calculations involved in astrology many almanacs are printed which helps people in their day to day life. Thus astrology is definitely a science which could prove to be very useful for people in their day to day life.

Astrology-an art

Astrology is an art also. The work of art is to present in a statement, any work in a simplified and easy to understand that. Astrology also performs the same task. It presents a native’s personality and tradition and a very attractive, easy and accurate way.

Thus astrology is an art and a science both and we are its part. If we assume astrology as an art then it will fulfill it by its nature of predicting events and applying its principles to partly safeguard oneself with the intensity of inauspicious events that may happen in future and as a science as events that will happen cannot be changed and will occur in its due course of time.

There are three main pillars of Indian astrology which are Hora, Siddhanta and Samhita. It can further be divided into two more parts as question and Shakun. With all this aspects calculation can be done.

In ancient times human beings had effect for such energy which was not visible but it exists. In this first Sun and Moon were seen. Thus they were treated to be divine and Godly.



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