Two Parts of Astrology

1. Mathematics (Astronomy)
2. Prediction (Astrology)

1. Mathematics
Mathematics is the part of Astrology that is solely based on mathematical calculation and formulae. Mathematics is mainly used for making horoscope, almanac, calculating positions of planets, their movement, eclipse, etc. Under this, Mathematical formulae like addition, substraction, multiplication, division to complex geometric and trigonometric formulae are used. These procedures help in computing planets in solar system, their position, their movements, their mutual distance from Earth, their movement style, etc.
From the early era of Astrology Mathematics was a formative part of Astrology. Vedic seers and experts have done great work in this area. Mathematics also developed rapidly with the development in Astrology. In the history of India, Mathematics developed into a full fledged part of Astrology that it can be further sub-divided into following three parts.
a) Principles
Principles depicts about scientific basis of Astrology. These principles cover from beginning of universe to formation of planets. Calculations based on these principles form the platform for Astrology. In this method rules and formulae are defined from the formation of solar system, planets to till date aspects. It includes all yugas that come or passed as per ancient Indian texts. The calculations starts from Satyuga and before that to present.
b) Tantra
Tantra is a method in Mathematical Astrology where calculations are made from the present yuga i.e. Kalyuga. This method focusses on calculations that are based from day starting from the beginning of Yuga to a particular day.
c) Karana
Karana method is based on fixing a particular day as the basis and calculating further computation in respect to that particular day.
In the present times, ancient method of calculations are replaced by Astrological softwares. These softwares are very fast and accurate. They can make a horoscope within no time. Thousands of horosocopes can be made using these softwares. Thus, hand-made horoscopes are now rarely made.
2) Prediction (Astrology)
Predictions are calculations based on effects of planets and forecast based on these effects. All principles based on Mathematics like planetary position, their mutual distances, their vision, etc. and its effects on individual study and forecast of effect of planetary position as the main function of predictive Astrology.
Predictive Astrology can be further sub-divided into five parts.
a) Hora
Hora is mainly related with horoscope that is why it is also called as text of individuals. Position of planets, their situation, their movement, their rays etc. at the time of birth of an individual is described in hora. Using this information one can find effect of horoscope on an individual. Horoscope is a very detailed and research oriented subject. One can predict an individual’s life-span, childhood, education, parents, family, brother-sister, spouse, children, luck, profession, source of income, etc. An individual’s time of marriage, luck rising age, wealth and similar information can also be studied and predicted under hora.
One can predict about an individual using constellation at the time of birth and based on horoscope and situation of planets in it.
b) Question Method
Question horoscope is a very interesting, invigorating yet very effective technique of prediction. For this technique, one must have knowledge of basic Astrology. In this method, horoscope is made of current time. Based on this horoscope, current problem and solution related to current problems can be predicted. By this method, current situation and predictions based on that time can be instantly predicted.
c) Yearly Prediction
Yearly predictions are done an a macro level. They are used for prediction of events of a country, world and people as a whole. In this method the date and time of starting of a year is calculated. Based an these time, planetary positions, zodiac sign, power to planets, etc. are formed. Effect of these positions on economy, politics, major events, share market, bullion market, rains, etc. are predicted. Effect on people under 12 zodiac signs are also predicted. Similarly it is done for each month also. This method does not focus on an individual, rather this method has applications for country and its people. As per Astrology this method is a very important part of it.
d) Muhurata
Calculation of time for performing jobs on auspicious time is the art that comes under Muhurata part of Astrology. Astrology has principles for doing work at an auspicious time. One can use this time frame and be more successful in life. For success right job should be performed at right place and right time. In this method auspicious time of marriage, house construction, new house entry, renovation, borewell digging, starting education, starting business, travel, etc. are calculated. All the sixteen rites as per Indian religion from birth to death are also done at particular time based on Muhurata. It also includes time of sowing of seeds, tree plantation, annual grocery stocking, purchase of cow, purchase of plot or flat, borrowing or lending money, appealing in court, etc.
e) Samhita
Samhita is an important part of Astrology. Predictions based on planetary situations and performing religious rituals based on that is included in Samhita.
Major points that are included under this aspects are :-

a) Vastu and land testing
b) Directional analysis
c) Commencement of house construction
d) House entering
e) Ponds, lakes construction
f) Ayurveda is also considered as a part of Samhita
g) Rising and setting of planets with their effects
h) Karma Kanda (art related with performing religious rituals)
At the present Karma Kanda is an important part of Samhita. Religious ceremonies and rituals organised in Indian houses and temples is Samhita. Vastu (Vedic art of construction) is also a part of Samhita.


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