Symbol                         :     Heaven

Relation in family          :     Father, husband, officer

Direction                       :     North-West

Element                        :     Metal

Colour                          :     Golden, beautiful, lusterous, white

Season                         :     Autumn

Part of body                  :     head, lungs

Disease                        :     headache, lung disorders

Number                        :     6

This is the place of heaven. Element is metal and colour golden, pleasing, lusterous and white. This place is the symbol of friends and well wishers. Good friends, helping people, their company, guidance, affection etc. are the gifts of heaven. Good and helping co-worker or neighbour also come under this category. Man too with his knowledge, time and energy helps others unconditionally. The main purpose of this place is public welfare. The energy of this place helps in achieving results of what the native of this place had done in the past. In a way, this place is responsible for maintenance of work or business. Hence, there must be balance here. Family symbol is father or head of the family. The chief earning member of the house is concerned with this place even if she is a woman. Hence its energy is caring type like that of father’s. Efforts put in by a man do not go waste and its benefits accrue to him in the future – these are the vital considerations and for this due attention should be given to North-Western place. Rooms of this direction are suitable for direction and leadership.
~Author: IvaIndia


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