IvaIndia: KEN SIGN


Symbol                         :     Mountain

Relation in family    :     Youngest son (any youngster)

Direction                       :     North-East

Element                        :     Earth

Colour                          :     Brown/Yellow

Part of body                :     Hand, Fingers

Disease                        :     Arthritis, hand related problems

Number                        :     8

Energy of North-East is sharp, virulent. Element of North-East is Earth and colour is brown and yellow because this place is symbolic of youngest son, hence energy is also like youth-power. This young man is energetic and competitive. This is a mountain’s place, which indicates spirituality, knowledge and wisdom. The energy of this place helps the native in interview or self-realization. Not only inner knowledge but knowledge related to any subject under the sun concerns this place. If there is no hindrance in the energy of this area then man’s desire to learn more increases and his capacity also leaps up. An individual’s knowledge and understanding improves. This place should be clean and tidy. Rubbish here indicates rubbish in the head.

Because energy of this place is considered to be turbulent, it is suitable for such activities where more energy is required. Rooms where kids can play, meditation,  and study room and such things will be better suited in this direction.
~Author: IvaIndia



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