IvaIndia: LEE SIGN


        Symbol                         :     Fire

Relation in family          :     Middle daughter (Middle aged woman)

Direction                       :     South

Element                        :     Fire

Colour                          :     Red/Purple/Rosy

Season                         :     Summer

Part of body                  :     Eyes and heart

Disease                        :     Eye and heart diseases

Number                        :     9

In the nature of energy of Southern area there is zeal and excitement. Element of this place is fire, and colour red, purple and rosy. This energy drives its native to social and extrovert activities outside the house. This direction is also known as the direction of fame, recognition and opulence. If the energy of this direction is well balanced and flows unhindered, then a man is able to bring out his works before the world and get the importance he deserves. This area not only brings fame to a man but moulds him in such a way that he is able to perform something. Due to this, a man is full of inner light and illuminates others also. In the context of life, a man gets fame, recognition, glory in the last phase of his life in return for some work plans initiated earlier. This becomes possible because of the energy of fire element. A man can be singled out owing to his outspokenness and optimism. Due to fire element, sometimes the strong energy can make a man explosive and proud also.
~Author: IvaIndia


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