IvaIndia: TUI SIGN


        Symbol                         :     Lake

Relation in family          :     Youngest daughter (Little girl)

Direction                       :     West

Element                        :     Metal

Colour                          :     Golden, beautiful, white

Season                         :     Autumn

Part of body                  :     Mouth, Teeth, Chest

Disease                        :     Disorders pertaining to mouth and chest

Number                        :     7

The energy of Western part is slow and stable or somewhat less active. This is a symbol of rearing old harvests, relaxing after hard work. This is the time of celebrating because now one is relaxed and free from tensions. Wealth and property are associated with energy of this direction. Lake is the symbol of this area, and due to its effect energy is sober. The area of lake is representative of constructivity and childrern. If the flow of energy of this place is proper then a man can be constructive. He can be versatile in such things as poetry, painting, new inventions, writing, music etc. Atleast his interest in such things is aroused and he is able to understand these. Due to proper flow of energy in Western area, man has good relationship with children. Children like such a person and he too behaves with them in a friendly manner. Family symbol of this place is youngest daughter. Hence, her energy is calm and soft, and this is the reason, why the energy represents children. If viewed from the life’s angle, then elderly people enjoy the fruits of their life of hard work. They spend the rest of their time teaching and guiding the kids.
~Author: IvaIndia



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