IvaIndia: SUN SIGN


Symbol                         :     Wind

Relation in family          :     Eldest daughter

Direction                       :     South-East

Element                        :     Wood

Colour                          :     Green

Season                         :     Spring

Part of body                  :     Thighs/buttocks

Disease                        :     Cold/Rhumatism

Number                        :     4

South-Eastern place has comparatively less energy than Eastern place. The symbol of this area is wind, which represents wealth. Element of this place is wood and its colour is green. In the spring season, new leaves sprout on the trees and flowers blossom. This is a sign of start and development of some new work. This place denotes eldest daughter of the family. As daughter is softer than son, so is the South-Eastern energy is milder as compared to energy of East. This mildness of energy is helpful in gradual growth.

Because of proper balance in this area, man is prosperous. He keeps getting opportunities. He gets proper reward of his efforts. He is promoted in his job. He gets respect from co-workers, subordinates and bosses. Wind disperses seeds of trees and plants all around, which is infront dialogue of the wind with the nature. As such, for those, whose activities pertain to communication and dislogue or interaction, South-Eastern place is most suitable. This is an ideal place for kitchen, studio and constructive activities. Business and expansion of career also come under the purview of this place.
Author: IvaIndia


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