Symbol : Thunder
Relation in family : Eldest son
Direction : East
Element : Wood
Colour : Green
Season : Spring
Part of body : Leg, throat
Disease : Hysteria, Contortion, Shivering
Number : 3
Eastern place is the place of active energy. It’s symbol is thunder and season is spring. Here energy is sharp and active. Element of this direction is wood. Colour of wood element is green. The family member of this place is the eldest son. Like the young son, energy too is powerful. Sun rises in the East, likewise energy of this place is full of freshness. For the jobs, which need activeness, rooms in the Eastern part of the house are ideal. Eastern part of the house are suitable for office, outs of personal hobbies, morning breakfast. For those, who have initiated new work or enterprise, rooms of Eastern part are good. The energy of this direction helps in achieving new horizons, development and fulfilment of dreams.
The place of thunder is further related to elderly people, parents, officers and seniors. Imbalance of this place creates problems of relations with elders, parents, officers and seniors. This place is called thunder because anger and thunder of elders keeps a man in discipline and he is benefited by their experience and guidance.
Author: IvaIndia


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