IvaIndia:nine areas pertaining to life


Balance or unity of Yin-Yang energies is called Tai-Chi. By taking indications of Yin and Yang energies from this, some special symbols were drawn. Yin energy was shown by broken line, while Yang energy was shown by straight line.

Symbol of Yin  and Yang


These lines were placed in order or sequence of three. All the three places are one on  top of the other. While drawing the three lines, the bottom line is drawn first followed by middle and lastly the upper line. The bottom line exhibits energy/fate of the earth, middle line shows that of man or human, the top line represents fate of heaven. Thus eight types of signs drawn by the three lines are known as energy or destiny. Every sign has a direction. Also there is a separate sign for the part of the body, element, colour, disease, relation with family, number, season etc.

Each sign tells about change and motion. They are used in philosophy, astrology, Chinese traditional medicines and the science of numbers. Apart from this, they are used in the martial arts, mathematics and Feng-Shui. Nature is collectively regarded as interdependent and intertwined chord of events. These events occur, when all the possible heavenly and human circumstances come together. The origin of all the eight signs from Tai-Chi is illustrated below:

Tai Chiseed_09



Symbol                  :         Water

Relation in family   :         Middle son (Middle aged  person)

Direction               :         North

Element                 :         Water

Colour                   :         Dark blue/Black

Season                  :         Winter

Part of body           :         Ear/Reproduction organs/Kidney

Disease                 :         Related to Ears and Kidney

Number                 :         1

This is the Northern part of the house. The element of this place is water and season is winter. That is why, the energy of this place is also very quiet and mild. This place and energy is considered as symbol of initiating any work. This direrction is very suitable for discussing any new work or plan. For all such works, where peace and concentration are required, North direction is suitable. For writing, painting and constructive activities,bedroom of couple, meditation etc. rooms in the Northern part of the house are suitable. This direction also represents pregnancy as a new life comes into being. That is why rooms constructed in the Northern part of the house are beneficial for pregnant women.

Water is also the symbol of this place. This is a place that concerns livelihood. The flow of water suggests flow of life. This place represents freedom, clarity and uninterrupted flow in life. This place suits middle son of the house. North direction is related to ear, blood and reproductive organs. If there is problem in the North direction or an opposing element, then disease of related body parts is possible problems, which would first and mostly attack middle son. If the problems are not sorted out in time, gradually they will engulf the entire family. Effect of disease will first be seen on the concerned person, then other members of the family will be affected later. This will apply later on all places uniformly.



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