Leaves of Destiny : IvaIndia

leaves of destiny copyScattered like diamonds over the sub-mainland of India, palm leaf files supposedly as old as 3,000 years are said to contain for all intents and purposes impeccable records of the lives and predetermination’s of each of us. On these palm leaves are scratched point by point Sanskrit exchanges between celestially enlivened soothsayers and their understudies, of hordes of individual lives which are sequentially nitty gritty from birth to death.They contain not just exact dates and times of life occasions however genealogical family names likewise being recorded in them.

From a minor thumbprint, the precise leaf of predetermination will be torments taking revealed from which are uncovered with stunning exactness, the individual’s name, date and time of the definite snippet of birth.

Besides, all the significant life occasions are shaken off with unprecedented accuracy down to the “decisive” date of death, in the event that one is overcome enough to open that specific part, being only one of 16 in just for every individual.

During my third visit to India in 1999, I could encounter the striking truth of soothsaying and the leaves direct. Every last detail of my existence with exact dates, family names and their life occasions were additionally uncovered to me perfectly. It raises the crucial and age old inquiry of predetermination versus through and through freedom. In what capacity would it be able to be? Our life histories and decisions laid out like a cleanser musical show more than 30 centuries back. My examinations of one such chronicle on the edges of Madras in Pallavaram, however doubtful it might appear, were unequivocally as I have depicted. Inconceivable without a doubt. In any case, valid in each admiration! And all from my thumbprint – nothing else!!

The nearby purohit or minister is an overseer of his family’s document of Nadi leaves (as they are alluded to). This chronicle is of the well known Astrologer Sage Vasistha, one of the seven rishis or sages sketching out our histories. The savvy addresses questions about the person being referred to and what occasions are to happen till death.

Past, present and future births are likewise recorded and the most astounding points of interest are uncovered. This is not a perusing of the typical sort. What is given is what is really, truly expounded on you, 3000 years before you were conceived. The inquiry might be asked of hereditary researchers with regards to the ‘through and through freedom’ – an individual really has, given late genome research. Also, what did the Sapta Rishis or seven sages of India in their disclosures realize that geneticists may today gain from? We ought to carefully investigate the consequences of this learning and how it might affect on future western thought and culture. This knowledge and gauging is the shrouded truth of crystal gazing and its legitimate use in controlling us to a more genuine comprehension of ourselves.

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