You’r Awareness by IVA

When I request that you again look faiiva determinationrly and precisely at this thing you call your life and how hopeless or troublesome it is – see for the last time that it will disentangle as it will. Life is something that transpires, it’s not you. It’s a mirror – a ton of reflections that are occurring, great and terrible reflections yet the mirror has nothing to do with any of those reflections. Is the mirror influenced? Every one of the reflections are there. The stories are there however what I am requesting that you do is consider precisely to whom is such an excess of happening. You think this is going on to the body that you see yourself as to be.

The main opportunity there is the understanding this is not who you are. You are either a body/mind procedure OR you are an everlasting otherworldly being, what is Processless. Take your pick. The interminable otherworldly being is not influenced like the mirror. So quit trusting this story is you. YOU don’t feel it, your body and your brain feel it and you see that and get included in the sentiments and the reasoning. Be that as it may, you are included in light of the fact that you do not have the order to pull back and watch this as an observer would watch a motion picture. In a film you can here and there escape and begin crying. In any case, you always remember for a minute you are no of the characters in the motion picture, you are an observer and reality of this entire life is that you’re not by any means living it, you believe you’re living it however in truth you are being LIVED. Who in their right personality would pick an existence as hopeless as yours in the event that it’s as hopeless as you’re letting me know! You wouldn’t pick this in the event that you had unrestrained choice OK? Accordingly you don’t have choice. Get used to that.

When you at long last surrender to this stream called Life which is living you, you are free of it. What does the mirror need to do with the reflections happening in it. What can the mirror do? The way toward reflecting is the way of the mirror. The way toward seeing every one of this is your tendency. You’re simply relating to what’s being reflected in the mirror of your mindfulness which is the thing that you truly are. You are genuinely Awareness itself! The body, psyche and sentiments are target marvels – you’re simply watching these things. You’re a mirror, nothing is transpiring.

You’re not taught and you need to essentially recollect the immaculateness and the magnificence of your own temperament and quit getting sucked into the story. Give me a chance to make a truly imperative inquiry at this moment. What’s off with right now looking at the situation objectively? At this moment? Nothing. Impeccably right. There’s is nothing amiss with now all things considered. So much stuff about your heart being substantial and your past… ..the greater part of that is only an idea. Affection is Being and Being doesn’t require thought. Affection is not considering. Speculation is duality. Intuition is partitioning. Intuition is super burden.

Speculation is conceptualization. Deduction is being lost in the past and the future in light of the fact that a contemplation is once in a while to do with the present minute. In any case, when you do need to think and in the event that it is right now then that is alright as you long as you’re contemplating what you’re doing. For the most part however what you are deduction about is “Gracious me, Oh my, why isn’t Life like either or whatever… “. It’s isolating yourself from what is and what IS, is truly Love. Along these lines, quit considering this and reproducing the story, quit sustaining it. OK … ..while it’s going on, you manage it as well as can be expected. What’s more, you don’t know how you’re going to manage it until it emerges. In any case, I promise you that when some life debilitating issue jumps out at you at this time the exact opposite thing you’ll be intuition is “The thing that a hopeless life I’ve had”. You’ll be totally at the time and managing that and that as it were! Also, that is all you need to do. That is the lesson given to you.

To be completely present right now at this time without thought. Simply do what should be done NOW. Drop the past, drop the story, drop the anxiety and the apprehension, be here now completely as Conscious Presence-Awareness which is your actual nature. That is the lesson. You are that tranquil spot and that is the thing that you’ve overlooked. That is the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden. They’d lost that unblemished nature of their Beingness and afterward got to be reluctant about this BS and so on and so on promotion naseum. You’re doing it at this moment. Where else are you. You are just managing one minute. Simply overlook the day, overlook yesterday, overlook tomorrow and all you need to manage is what you’re in. Furthermore, what are you in right at this point? You are in… now … and now where are you?… ..Now? The main spot is Here and the main time is NOW. You are never going to be anyplace else.

In this way, that is God. When you see that I-AM it resemble the tip of a pencil. It’s such a little point. Observe the pencil tip. An entire excellent canvas portrayal can be made with the purpose of a pencil. In like manner one’s own particular I-Am is a pencil drawing this entire all encompassing perspective of the Universe. It’s all being made through the viewpoint of I-Am. So do a reversal to the I Am – that quintessential point wherein your mindfulness, that Absolute Awareness is being sifted and radiating through as this world. Step once more from time, space, move once more from every one of the objects of the attention to the mindfulness ITSELF. What would you be able to say in regards to it? It’s simply Being. It’s all you need to do. What’s more, guess what? Thus, when you ask yourself “What is the answer for every one of these issues. Disregard the issues! The arrangement is just through that I-Amness.

You ask me “What do I need to do?” You simply need to trust it and let life live you. Trees develop, tide comes in and out. Where’s the knowledge behind that. Does the tide need to think “Will I come in or will I go out?”. Do you have to consider relaxing? Do you have to stress over your hair developing, your heart thumping, your skin sweating, your body’s cells reproducing themselves. Do you need to stress over all that? It is safe to say that you are getting included in that? At the point when the sperm and the egg met up in your mom’s womb, did you need to get all steamed about how you were going to partition the cells and when the birth procedure occurred wasn’t your Awareness likewise there such a long time ago? That would you say you was would it say it wasn’t? What happened at that time when you were being conceived? As troublesome as it was didn’t everything work out? At that point your body began to develop. To whom would all say all is this event? What exactly? What’s “me”? I’m discussing you, overlook everything else for a minute.

This is immediate impression of your own Beingness. To whom is it true that this is going on? What do you mean when you say “me” – what is that? Contemplate it, take a gander at it. What is “”me”. You were profound snoozing the previous evening so let me know what “me” was around then. “Me” wasn’t even there. Did you quit existing? At that point what were YOU. What do you mean by “me”? You can’t portray something that doesn’t exist. Me doesn’t exist. Me is a manufacture. Me is an idea. Demonstrate to me the idea “Me”. Me is brief and goes back and forth. Your actual Self is just immaculate Presence-Awareness.

That is the thing that you truly are however you can’t demonstrate that to me since it is of no measurement and doesn’t exist as a material item like some tea or a phone. That is what’s so troublesome when individuals say “Me”. They need to snare onto something so they hook onto this body-mind complex staying here in time and space… ..Oh, that is Me, here I am. That is simply molding. You are the I-Amness. Quit considering! You are just Being whether you think about this or not. Beingness is dependably there as the calm quiet foundation, similar to the screen of a motion picture. You can’t not be what you ARE.

So simply unwind into that and quit attempting to grapple with life. Why do you have to anticipate anything when at this moment is great? Try not to keep on being hopeless. Oh my goodness, in the event that you have a string, a smidgen of cotton and you attempt to put it through the aperture of the needle on the off chance that it’s part in three you’re never going to get it through the eye of that needle. What do you need? What is the opening of the needle? The aperture of the needle is an immaculate condition of bliss. The three parts in the string are the past, present and future. You can’t be included in any of that in the event that you need genuine joy.

What are you going to BE notwithstanding when you get what you need? Wishes go back and forth. Most likely those things are going to emerge and die down. Be that as it may, don’t give an excessive amount of considered believability to it. Simply let it happen. The body has its needs. You need to eat. This too is only a yearning. Leave it alone. Try not to get included. Much the same as mists in the sky the sky is simply sky. Nothing happens to the sky when it mists over or downpours. Nothing happens. It is all appearances in space. Thus, have your yearnings yet never leave THIS minute. Simply process this minute, completely. When you begin doing that you’ll begin to attract to all of you the things that are sought without fancying them.
~Author: IvaIndia


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