Pisces Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Pisces Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Pisces Symbol

Symbol of this zodiac is two fishes whose tails are jointing in opposite directions.

Pisces Place

This is the 12th zodiac in the zodiac cycle. Its place is water body.

Pisces Class

Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried

about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.

Pisces Element

Pisces zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like

flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a

quality of adapting as per circumstances.

Pisces Sign Gender

Pisces is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by


Pisces Stability

Pisces zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The

native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to

conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a




Pisces Parts of body and Diseases

Pain in abdomen, cough, and asthma keep attacking these native all through

their life. Sometimes they pay the price of some wrong deeds.


Pisces Area of work

They re benefitted in any field, but they are better of in the early half of life. Later

half is not so beneficial. They scale new heights till the age of fifty. In the acting area

their tan following knows no bounds In the literal field they are recognize as talented authors. These natives live in favorable environment. If environment is unfavorable they

stop their activities. They do things after emaculate planning and with discipline.

These qualities are necessary in police, vigilence, and defence services where the

natives of Pisces zodiac get opportunity to show their real worth.


Pisces Nature

Natives of this zodiac are restless and hyper active. But their restlessness

displays wisdom-they are always keen on doing something special. They do not think

much. They are scholarly and smart also; and do their duties according to these traits

of nature. They are not very stable. They give due importance to relations. Maintaining good relations is their nature. They do not criticise or blame their family members or neighbors. As such everyone likes them. They know the advantages of having good rations with people. But they do not work too hard in performing a job.

These natives are rich but spend their life in a simple style. For them money is ok

but it is not so attractive. Simple living and high thinking is their motto.

There are chances of sudden monetary gain for them. But successful conclusion

of job is what matters to them. Native of this zodiac is not only rich, virtuous and reputes but is also benevolent. Its pain and pleasure and giving them right guidance. For them happiness of entire society is more important and happiness of on individual. Good relations endure goes mutual understanding within family and society. There have been such large hearted people of this zodiac who are remembered even after their death.

Their brothers however are not so soft hearted. They will treat others, are foul

mouthed and hence are always unsuccessful. Such activities of brothers adversely

affect the reputation of the native too. Whatever prestige the native builds up try his

good deeds is damaged one to unesthetical acts of his brothers.

Natives are toward looking. To achieve objective, they do not have to struggle

too much. Their smartness, deep intellect and suitableness are sufficient to get what

they want. There any objective is to register progress in every field. They leave their

impression in different areas vig social work, policies etc.

Many natives of this zodiac serve selflessly. They do not want any gain, respect

or money in return for their service and are satisfied to see everyone happy.

They think that if you cannot do well to other, at least you should not do anything bad to

others. Many saints, sagas are there of this zodiac who stick to this principle.

On some occasions these natives feel a sense of quilt for no reason. This may

be due to their restless nature. However, they remain their self composure before long.

Like fishes they are aware of the fact that if you have to live in water, you should

not antagonize crocodiles. Hence they maintain cordial rations with everyone.

Sometimes the parents of these natives leaves them alone when they are young,

but because they are by nature hyperactive and smart, they start looking after

themselves and go ahead.

Woman of this zodiac exhorts her different identify in the family. She becomes

favorite job all family members because of her qualities.

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Aquarius Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA

Aquarius Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA

Aquarius zodiac, institute of vedic astrology

Aquarius Zodiac And Its Properties

Aquarius Symbol

This is the 11th zodiac in the zodiac

Aquarius Cycle

Its symbol is earthen pot shape.

Aquarius Place

Its place is potter’s house or water body.

Aquarius Class

Varna of Aquarius is Shudra. Due to this fact the natives are industrious and self-

dependent. They are always willing to help others and good at doing anything.

Aquarius Element

Aquarius’ element is wind. This makes the natives nature instable. Just as wind

is calm but can turn into storm, the natives are also instable.

Aquarius Gender

Aquarius is masculine zodiac. Masculine quality makes them hot-tempered. They

get irritated at ordinary things.

Aquarius Stability

This is a stable zodiac. Due to this they stick to decisions one taken. They go

according to their decisions and try to ensure stable life.

Aquarius Parts of body and Diseases

In the old age these natives are gripped by stomach, chest, respiratory problems

but they try to keep as bit agile as possible.

Another problem with them may be pain in the knees and in blood circulation. If

they drink more, them many physical problems crop up.

Aquarius Area of work

Aquarians are idealists and do their job in friendly spirit. They are practical in

their approach.

Also they feel comfortable working in a team. They occupy high offices in

government and social organizations. If they opt for science, they keep busy in

inventions and research. They are good in space science and astrology, photography

and editing.

Another place where they are much in demand is aviation of air force.

They take part in research especially space research. A women native of Indian origin

is a famous figure in NASA.

They make their pressure fact in music. Their grip on music reaches perfection in

Bhajans, vocal songs and kirtans. They are successful businessmen also. Balancing of

loss and profit is child’s play for them. They contribute in journalism, school books,

novels, poverty, publication, politics etc and everywhere they earn a lot.

At times people take undue advantage from them whom they trust. Even a close

friend may cheat them. But they make good profit in partnership firms. In agriculture

also they get very good return. Some of these natives are successful exporters of

agricultural products like Tomato. Soya beans, cotton etc.


Aquarius Nature

Natives of Aquarius zodiac are spiritual, serious by nature. And go deep into a

matter. Due to their serious thinking, they are able to perform their assignment easily.

The think deeply into it. They speak on any subject with characteristic seriousness.

They are too good at debate competitions and hypnotize the audience when

addressing a big gathering.

Whenever and whatever they speak, they speak after through homework and in

a serious style. Everybody is attracted by their demeanor. They become popular in

public also by their wisdom and wit.

They think positively but do not deny negativity. However, negativity spoils many

good jobs; as such they stick to positive approach.

These natives are modernists and reject time beaten old beliefs like child

marriage, not permitting young widows to remarry.

Natives of Aquarius zodiac are kind and cordial. Because of politeness their

friend circle is very wide. Their speaking style is different it is not offensive. They

display courtesy and respect towards everyone. It is their natural attribute to treat ever

strangers with respect. They are immune to honor and dishonor; as a result of which

they command respect from all.

Some of them are tough also. They remain neutral in any auspicious matter and

put toward their views, if any in a lucid manner. By and large they are winners in all


They are valiant also. They exhibit their bravery in coal fields as well as in the

playground. Many reputed cricketers, athletes, journalists, film critics come from this


These natives are very much different from the natives of other zodiac. They

think about betterment of all irrespective of their religion, castle, creed etc. In other

words they are humanists. Humanism is their religion and they help everybody as best

as they can.

There natives are rich as well as virtuous. They like to earn and spend in good

cause. They just do not throw away money.

Even when they become richer than expected, they do not become lazy.

Wastage of precious time is not acceptable to them. They know that time never stops.

As such they make the best use of it. They have enemies too but they care hoots for

them and do not derivative from their path.

They get full advantage from their in law also, as is the key of in-laws locker is

in their hands. They mix up an easily with in laws and even interfere in the affairs, they

get sufficient respect from in laws and their view is considers while taking any decision.

Some Aquarians take birth in poor families but fate takes a turn for good and they

became milliners. Even when they are passing through lean periods, things become

favorable and they get money and honor. But they do not put money to bad use.

We spite their strong financial status, they sometime look like living in poverty.

Infact that is frugality and like to maintain low profile. Their sons may sometimes

misuse the wealth.


Blessing hand of Laxmi and Kuber is always on their head. They are never poor.

They are good authors. Their capacity of assessment is remarkable. Their wives

are courageous. Fighters and strong willed. They face any difficult situation with

determination and bravery. They have problem solving skills and inner strength as well

as positive attitude. Combination of these qualities makes them successful.

Woman native may achieve success but has to deal with many problems. She

not only manages household or family problems but relatives, neighbors etc.

Natives of this zodiac have several friends, because they cannot see a friend in

trouble and are ever willing to help them in many ways.

This native is well read, civilizes and cool tempered. He makes a mark in

academic field. He even goes abroad for higher education. This foreign journey can be

for business studies.

Their memory is very sharp which places them on high looking in Government.

They are expert valuers and can correctly evaluate. Anything and separate white from


They are entrusts with big responsibilities due to their attractive personality,

foresightedness and capacity to take timely decisions. They know how to protect

nation’s interests in foreign countries. That’s why they represent their countries abroad.

They know how to solve pressing problems. There is no knot which they cannot untie.

Aquarians get good co-operation from their brothers but it may not be in the form

of financial support. If the native is eldest brother, all responsibilities of the family fall on his shoulders but they steer through. In the latter half of life they get more attention of  younger brothers.

Natives of this zodiac are extremely lucky in respect of their wives. They are

married to loverly person. Well qualified and well-mannered girls. Also they get financial

support from the in-laws. All these factors contribute to happy married life.

This native is of stable mind. Apparently he looks quite but inside he may be

engrossed in many problems. He maintains calm and is mostly serious. He dislikes

irrelevant talking, speaks less and to the point. Many natives are known for their social


Natives of this zodiac can bear pain and are expert in finding solution of difficult

problems. They get the pleasure of children. Those in government jobs often clash with

the superiors.

They exhibit their expertise in shipping, oil refineries, fisheries and such areas.

They are found in the Navy and merchant Navy or oil drilling.

By nature Aquarians are versatile geniuses and always eager to learn something

new. The first half of their life is somewhat economically well but in later half they are in

very sound condition.

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Capricorns Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Capricorns Symbol

Upper part of the body like a horned goat and lower part like alligator.

Capricorns Place

This is the tenth zodiac in the zodiac cycle and its place is river and water


Capricorn Sign Class

Capricorn sign belongs to Vaishya class. They keep trying to earn profit. These

natives prefer self Business over service.

Capricorn Element

Capricorn zodiac element is earth. Hence they are simple by nature. They are

forgiving and generous.

Capricorn Sign Gender

Capricorn is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by


Capricorn Stability

Capricorn is an unstable zodiac. Its natives are restless. It is difficult for them to

stay at one place for long or stick to one job.

Capricorn Parts of body and Diseases

These natives do not frequently visit clinics or hospitals or consult doctors. They

believe in keeping themselves till by controlled diet, yoga, exercise and physical labor.

Such as approach keeps them in goes shape and saves time and money which

otherwise would be wasted on treatment.

Younger children of this zodiac do have some minor health problems but they are

cures by naturopathy.


Capricorn Area of work

Natives of this zodiac are satirists, authors, comedians and actors. Some of them

are famous music directors.

They make reasonable fortune in land and farm related dealing. They start good

business such as poultry farming, production of manure, bio gas, fruit, vegetable and

however farming, growing sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, producing cotton etc.

They never indulge in any illegal business.

Due to natural qualities they prove to be good salesmen or saleswomen. They

have a knack of convincing customers to buy their items.

They are prophetic readers and novelists. They excel in debates, painting, and

music also. Both men and women natives of this zodiac are earning laurels in various

areas. These natives are found in politics, publication etc also.

Capricorns Nature

Natives of the zodiac are of mild and soft disposition. They deal with others in a very

decent and affectionate manner. They are soft-spoken, civil and sober, violence or aggressive do not match with their character. Their belief is that unnecessary violence does not solve problems of give good results while with love and sobriety you can even fame wild animals.

Their diet, thoughts and intellect also reflects above virtues, they dislike malignant and

spicy food which makes a person rough. Sobriety opens many gates for a person

automatically. India could win independence by soft non-violent methods only.

Natives this zodiac sometimes makes good profits but loose it also. Nothing for them is

auspicious or inauspicious. If you suffer today’ you will gain tomorrow. Fate provides them wealth and happiness. They make money by easy and ethical means i.e. making up profit in business, dealings in real estate or from attractive salary.

They live within their income. Not that they cut short their desires but do not over

spend. If they have sufficient Money to spend on luxury, better living, they do not hesitate to spend. But in a nut shell they are against excessively luxurious living.

These natives live long. They do not have innervating habits like drinking, smoking etc.

Sometimes these simple, cool tempered people face very difficult situations in this wicked world. But their soft and sober nature restrains them from getting wild or violent ultimately, bad time is over and they recoup what had been lost. They know that after a well hits the bottom it has to come up. Therefore, one has to win after a defeat only thing is that one must remain unperturbed by temporary bad periods.

Sometimes these natives perform hard and aggressive acts under the garb of decency.

They at times beat up their wives, but finally realize their mistake or repent for their rough behaviors and become their origin of self.

This zodiac has given us a number of freedom fighters and martyrs.

They are mild like a she goat. They take simple toad and their thoughts are also simple.

They like company of religious saints and spiritual leaders. Although they practice frugality but do not leg behind in giving alms at charity. As per them giving knowledge is the best charity.

Mothers of this zodiac are hot-tempered and they live long. The native gets opportunity

to make his mother comfortable, Natives are a bit Romeo type, lovers of entertainment and interested in poetry, music and acting. They become well-known poets. Also one can find reputed editors and authors in the category of this zodiac. They are valiant, efficient, wise and good politicians. They know how to make strategies in democracy.

They make a name in high administrative circle also due to their calm nature and ability

to take instant decisions. They also like fun and prolix and make a gathering interesting. Due to humorous nature they do not have to face many difficulties. Also they are cool, tolerant, serious and temperate. Thus they have keys of glory in their hands.

Natives of Capricorn zodiac earn wealth and repute by hard labor but their children start misusing money affecting prestige of their fathers. Such natives are worries because of such sons. However, the try their best to concern their sons about the pit falls of bad route and mostly area able to repair the damage.

These natives are disgusted with their employees as well who cause them some losses. Their married life is excellent and sweat couples do not quarrel much. Husband and  wife both are wise enough.


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Institute of Vedic Astrology

Sagittarius Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA



Sagittarius Symbol

In the zodiac cycle this is the 9th zodiac. Its symbol is a man with a bow in his

hand and lower part of his body is that of a horse.

Sagittarius Place

Sagittarius’s place is King’s court or a stable.

Sagittarius Caste

Kshatriya people no doubt give courage to face difficulties but it also gives anger

and cruelty. Cruelty is also an inseparable part of their nature. Kshatriya has been

assigned the task of fighting, killing the enemies, capturing and pulling them behind the

bars are acts of cruelty, but are quite natural for them.

Sagittarius Element

Fire element gives its brightness to the natives. These natives are famous in their

fields. They attain heights due to their hard work, spirit and enthusiasm.

Sagittarius Gender

Sagittarius is a masculine zodiac. Because of this these natives are short-

tempered. They lose their cool at slightest pretext.

Sagittarius Stability

Sagittarius zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The

native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to

conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a


Sagittarius Parts of body and Diseases

Skin related problems are common to these natives. Woman natives’ longevity is

comparatively short. She might get burnt accidently. At times a female native may die

unnatural death. Stomach disorders too are common.

Sagittarius Area of work

Their first choice is service. Because of their personality, enthusiasm, physique

they get preference in private, public sector or government jobs. Police, defense,

administrative posts are their other favorites. Wherever you so you will find Sagittarians

occupying lower, middle and high posts in various department and organizations. They

take interest in science, astrology, engineering, music, acting also.



Sagittarius Nature

Sagittarius is aggressive by nature. In any situation they strike first without thinking of

the circumstances they suddenly attack. That is why at times they are beaten. In ordinary

dispute, they get so excited that it becomes major issue. But they are wise too. Due to their

brilliance they can found in many areas. Their advice is taken seriously by others because it is

invariably advantageous. They take quick decision and start working. They never accept

defeat and have several qualities.

They wish well for everyone and give their advice without any selfish motive.

Sometimes they get confused and while doing anything positive also. Some trace of

confusion persists, but they do not stop and continue to march ahead.

Their activities sometimes are neither auspicious nor in auspicious. Whatever is to be

done, they start it personally and proceed methodically. They rise in life step try step.

They are self-dependent and self conscious. They keep an eye on something new to

enhance their income.

They are charitable, rich and reputed in the society.

There knowledge of all areas is perfect and they put it to proper use. Besides they do

not keep knowledge conceited in their mind. Instead they feel happy to enrich knowledge of other people also. Many natives of this zodiac are known for their wit and intellect.

They give charity with open palm. If they see a person in need of something, they do not hesitate to provide him that. Charity never empties your cotters. On the contrary money keeps tricking into it. They help poor students by giving them books or paying their school of fees. Little wonder therefore, that people willingly have regard for such natives.

Women natives of this zodiac do not live long due to various ailments. These natives often display carelessness in money matters. Partnership in any business does not prove profitable to them. In the industrial area also they are not much successful. They start with limited resources, money and time e.g. seasonal business like agriculture related business involving seeds, instruments, manures, pesticides etc.

These items require less capital but yields better profit.Natives of this zodiac are very fond of horse riding. They take interest in horse trading and stud farming. Riding tongs, Business or simply horse riding is their hobby.

Family life of these natives happy and contented. All the family members love peacefully. Their sons are obedient. They can be aggressive also but most of them end up as scholars and intellectuals. Those who are in service are generally greedy. They look for ways to make illegal money and luck also favors them. They do make money in business but earn more in service by way of money and prestige. They adopt immoral means to gain promotion or money.

Woman native may become a widow, but due to aggressive nature she does not loose

courage. These ladies can hold high administrative posts. They take interest in public service. She is able to take right decision due to her keen intellect. She can also rise to become a

judge of high court.

There may be occasion when a native of this zodiac may be demoted owing to

aggressiveness. They cannot help giving too much advice to people. In so doing they lose

their track and degradation starts. However, they are born tough and face the situation




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Scorpio Zodiac And And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology

Scorpio Zodiac And And Its Properties

Institute of Vedic Astrology



Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio occupies eighth place in the zodiac cycle.


Scorpio Place

Place of this zodiac is in the stones and cavities of warms.


Scorpio Caste

Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried

about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.


Scorpio Element

Scorpio zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like

flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a

quality of adapting as per circumstances.


Scorpio Sign Gender

Scorpio is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by



Scorpio Stability

This is a stable zodiac. Due to this they stick to decisions one taken. They go

according to their decisions and try to ensure stable life.


Scorpio Part of body and Diseases

Natives of this zodiac normally face urinary and reproductive problems. Stone in

kidney, pimples on the face and pikes are other diseases they suffer from,


Scorpio Area of work

Share market. Game show, lottery are favorable areas for Scorpio natives. Their

fortune leaps up in trading, education, music and acting also. One such native has

immortalized himself as an actor. These natives are attached to land too because they

are expert farmers and extract bumper crops. Besides framing they also earn my scale

and purchase of land.

They get the satisfaction and pleasure of owning vehicles, bungalows, high posts

via ambassadors, high commissioners etc. They have deep knowledge of laws of rules.

They are responsible citizens who care for the up liftmen of the Nation.


Scorpio Nature

Nature of Scorpio natives is somewhat hot –tempered, but at the sometime

feelings of violence and envy are only peripheral. Anger is also not everlasting. Their

natural quality is stability. Whatever is to be done , they do it with stable mind, keeping

it cool and concentrated. Sometimes they lose their cool nature and deviate from the

aim. However, they do not take much time to repain their original coolness and become

stable again. They are a bit proudy also but this state is also a passing phase. After

same time they shake of their proud.

Little bit of obstinacy can also be seen in these natives. Like above weak points,

this stubbornness is also temporary and they become normal before long. Sometimes

this obstinacy is for a good cause. In that case it cannot be considered as a fault.

Woman native are more obstinate. If she wants something from her husband,

she would not let him rest till brings what she wants. She also likes to look attractive

and beautiful and insists on getting cosmetics and various items available in the

market. Traits of this nature can be observes them her childhood days. However, this

not a minus point of nature because women are known as fair sex and deserve these


Scorpio natives are straight forward and call a spade a spade. They do not care it

telling a truth so bluntly may annoy someone. Viewed from another angle such straight

forwardness is a virtuous because truth is always bitter and such natives say something

only after they are convinces that they are right.

Natives of this zodiac have to struggle a lot to earn money. Numerous obstacles

arise in their path. But to achieve the target they can do anything. They know that

nothing can be achieved without struggling. The more the suffering-more would be the

gain. Hence they become rough and tough and laborious.

Behavior of these natives with others is clean. Their mind is full with feelings of

compassion and purity. To put it in other words their mind is untrained like a child.

This quality of purity they get from the nature itself. No doubt they are large

hearted and clean but are miser also i.e. they do not spend money on useless things.

Because they make money after to ailing hard; so they realize its importance. They do

spend when it is necessary. Hence miser is not the right description of Scorpio natives.

Frugal would be more appropriate. They also know that it is easy to spend and equally

difficult to earn. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in practicing frugality. These natives

are liberal in matters of charity.

Also these natives are tolerant. They are able to bear anything good or bad. They

are like farmer who bear could whole, rain or sun concentrates on their farming.

Scorpio natives earn laurels in any field. One was a great singer in a court of a

King Emperor. They are talented authors, story writers, cartoonists etc. In these areas

their contribution is recognizes and they are awarded in the society, courts or

Governments. One Marathi poet belonging to this zodiac was awarded biggest award.

There are many such examples can be found and if you care to look around. For many

of them take takes a sudden turn and they set promotion, better job, some honor etc.

Sometimes Luck opens Hood-gate and they become millineries.

Generally these natives are healthy, zealous and attached to nature. Natures

help them in doing something good. They are also valiant not only in the battlefield but

in any other area. Due to their forbearing capacity, they exhibit remarkable velour.

In laws of these natives is very rich. They get immense help from them but they

believe in earning their own living. They hate depending on anyone.

In laws of women native is also rich and lives in luxury. As she is herself

industries, she starts something of her own attains success. Many such women natives

are proving to be excellent entrepreneurs and contributing their bit to the family.

Their oraurarm is superb. Everyone is impressed by their art of speaking. If they

are lecturers, they hypnotize the class by their style and wisdom. Students never forget

what such natives had taught. They explain any subject in a such lucid manner that

even difficult subject becomes easy to understand.


These people are blessed with various facilities and comforts –like

vechicles,money, good house etc. In spriit of this they derive happiness in what they

are past-masters in the art of speaking. Their furthers are known in different areas.

They keep on establishing new records. Not only their intellect but their vision is also

very sharp.

Such natives are very much attatched to their wives. They are able to gauge a

person. Like when scorpion strikes, the venom spreads in the entire body. Likewise if a

women native of this zodiac makes love relationship with other men, her venom grips

those men. But mostly these natives are well-cultured and avoid forbidden affairs.

Female native maintains cleanliness in her house and also the clean atmosphere

of nearly areas. She likes cleanliness. She is a perfect housewife and cares for family

members. The way she decorates and managers the household impresses everyone.

In short she is an asset to the household.

She also believes in saving and does not allow any kind of waste. E.g. she is

careful that steam does not leak out from utensils while she is cooking. Saving means

not only money saving, it includes saving of time and other gadgets.

Children of this zodiac are not-compromising type and wish to see happy end of

any good work. They are of the opinion that one does not get desired results by

compromise. He is active and does a job after through planning and at the right

moment. In due course he becomes a good citizen and social worker.


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Libra Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology

Libra Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology



Libra Symbol

This zodiac is seventh the zodiac cycle and means balance, scale or Tula.


Libra Place

Market place is the place of this zodiac.


Libra Nature

The Libra natives know how to make wealth or profit of they start a small

business, they work to increase it by hard work and soon the small business starts

looking up. Laxmi the devi of wealth is always favorable to them.

Profit and loss are two aspects of business. As such these natives also suffer

self back one to market conditions, for example if a native invest Rs. 10,000/- and may

not earn any profit but the principal amount remains intact. So they do not make profit

but they do not get depressed and continue their efforts. Ultimately their hard work

yields results and they start earning profit. Making money is their ultimate goal. These

natives are born traders especially men.

Such natives take others also with them so that they too become prosperous.

This attitude makes them popular in the society. They are insidious, never surrender

before failure and convert loss in to gain.

Luke other humans they too loose temper sometimes but their anger is short-

lives. If a business is not flourishing or giving, losses, they do not give up but set things

right by the determination and courage. They are choosy and experts in taking right

decision. In this area they became so perfect that others also imitate their method and


However, at Times they become selfish to same extent. By and large they are

broad minded. Their power of assessment is superb. They choose the right course and

ensure. Success for self as well as for others.

Sometimes fortune smiles at them unexpectedly and they make money in lottery

or a game show etc. Their sharp foresight also is responsible for sudden profit. Even

when they lose sometimes, they recover by their hard efforts, farsightedness and

determination. Negativity and disappointed and such words are not in their dictionary.

These spirit, zeal and positive thinking remain intact. They keep preparing for all port

abilities and so never fail in any examination. They are toppers in their schools and


Libra natives are lovers of anything that is beautiful and have a clean mind. They

are beyond envy, hate or bad habits. Science was always against astrology but various

researches and studies have compelled science to accept astrology as a correct


Because of their so many good qualities other are insured and they follow their


Natives of this zodiac pay respect to saints, hermits and spirituals leaders. They

are religious and zealously take part in religious activities. Especially lady natives are

more inclines towards such matters. Reading religious literature, listening to spiritual

discourses are their hobbies. These days such discourses are shown on the TV

channels also which is very much liked by such natives. Due to such devotees yoga

Guru Baba Ramdev has become a household name. The great Maratha vir Shivaji was

a devotee of Guru Ramdas. He became a legend due to training of swamiji.

They are peace loving. They dislike noise or pollution of any kind at their place of

work. They try to find ways to reduce noise pollution and appeal others also to join

them. They take part in the affairs of city security services and co-operate with

administration and police etc.

Elderly natives of Libra do not get full happiness of their sons, but they do not

protest and guide their sons to go in the right direction. In other words they do the duty

of the father and in most causes are able to win over their successors.

Female natives of this zodiac are very smart cultures and intelligent. They are

well versed in domestic duties. Those who are enterprising are honest in dealing and

earn huge profits. They do not get depressed by adversities. It a woman is well

educated, she educates two families, they are inclined towards luxuries also and like

costly clothing, jewellery, house. They spend money on these items. Their lifestyle is

of high order. They like to so business all by themselves- not in partnership and prove

to be good business women. They work hand in hand with their husband’s business. In

our country women are given the status of Lakshmi. They notify this belief. They live

long with their life-partners.

Family of such a woman native is happy, well off and prestigious. Their children

are very much cultured and prove good students.

Basic nature of such natives is rational, intellectual and they execute their

responsibilities excellently.

They are good at self-defense. They learn martial arts like just, karate etc and

face the attacker with courage if such an occasion comes.

Many women natives of Libra have risen to highest officials and re still occupying

high posts. These days they are welcome in the defence forces also.

It is said that behind each success full man is a woman. Libra women natives are

examples of such ladies.

Libra means scale. In order words both husband and wife like two parts of the

balance and in real life also they try to maintain balance by helping each other.

Natives of this zodiac exhibitor their natural qualities from the childhood. They

never speak lies. Habits of honesty and deep rooted in them and they grow with the




Libra sign Class

Libra sign belongs to Vaishya class. They keep trying to earn profit. These

natives prefer self Business over service.


Libra Element

Libra’s element is wind. This makes the natives nature instable. Just as wind is

calm but can turn into storm, the natives are also instable.


Libra sign Gender

Libra is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by



Libra Stability

Libra is an unstable zodiac. That is why the natives do not stick to decision taken,

or are tickle-minded.


Libra Parts of body and Diseases

Backache is a routine problem. Urinary problem like stone can also arise and it

they start consuming alcohol in more quantity then liver and kidneys are bound to be



Libra Area of work

Most of Libra natives are found in business, small scale industries, cottage

industries etc. Business is natural to them. Because they are foresighted, industrious

and devoted, they invariably succeed in business.

Representatives of Libra zodiac are renewed politicians, ambassadors and

gagelted officers. Expertise in foreign affairs makes them highly successful in the state


They also make a mark in social and public fields. They are scattered in the

areas of education, literary publications, electronic media and such other areas.


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