Pisces Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Pisces Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Pisces Symbol

Symbol of this zodiac is two fishes whose tails are jointing in opposite directions.

Pisces Place

This is the 12th zodiac in the zodiac cycle. Its place is water body.

Pisces Class

Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried

about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.

Pisces Element

Pisces zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like

flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a

quality of adapting as per circumstances.

Pisces Sign Gender

Pisces is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by


Pisces Stability

Pisces zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The

native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to

conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a




Pisces Parts of body and Diseases

Pain in abdomen, cough, and asthma keep attacking these native all through

their life. Sometimes they pay the price of some wrong deeds.


Pisces Area of work

They re benefitted in any field, but they are better of in the early half of life. Later

half is not so beneficial. They scale new heights till the age of fifty. In the acting area

their tan following knows no bounds In the literal field they are recognize as talented authors. These natives live in favorable environment. If environment is unfavorable they

stop their activities. They do things after emaculate planning and with discipline.

These qualities are necessary in police, vigilence, and defence services where the

natives of Pisces zodiac get opportunity to show their real worth.


Pisces Nature

Natives of this zodiac are restless and hyper active. But their restlessness

displays wisdom-they are always keen on doing something special. They do not think

much. They are scholarly and smart also; and do their duties according to these traits

of nature. They are not very stable. They give due importance to relations. Maintaining good relations is their nature. They do not criticise or blame their family members or neighbors. As such everyone likes them. They know the advantages of having good rations with people. But they do not work too hard in performing a job.

These natives are rich but spend their life in a simple style. For them money is ok

but it is not so attractive. Simple living and high thinking is their motto.

There are chances of sudden monetary gain for them. But successful conclusion

of job is what matters to them. Native of this zodiac is not only rich, virtuous and reputes but is also benevolent. Its pain and pleasure and giving them right guidance. For them happiness of entire society is more important and happiness of on individual. Good relations endure goes mutual understanding within family and society. There have been such large hearted people of this zodiac who are remembered even after their death.

Their brothers however are not so soft hearted. They will treat others, are foul

mouthed and hence are always unsuccessful. Such activities of brothers adversely

affect the reputation of the native too. Whatever prestige the native builds up try his

good deeds is damaged one to unesthetical acts of his brothers.

Natives are toward looking. To achieve objective, they do not have to struggle

too much. Their smartness, deep intellect and suitableness are sufficient to get what

they want. There any objective is to register progress in every field. They leave their

impression in different areas vig social work, policies etc.

Many natives of this zodiac serve selflessly. They do not want any gain, respect

or money in return for their service and are satisfied to see everyone happy.

They think that if you cannot do well to other, at least you should not do anything bad to

others. Many saints, sagas are there of this zodiac who stick to this principle.

On some occasions these natives feel a sense of quilt for no reason. This may

be due to their restless nature. However, they remain their self composure before long.

Like fishes they are aware of the fact that if you have to live in water, you should

not antagonize crocodiles. Hence they maintain cordial rations with everyone.

Sometimes the parents of these natives leaves them alone when they are young,

but because they are by nature hyperactive and smart, they start looking after

themselves and go ahead.

Woman of this zodiac exhorts her different identify in the family. She becomes

favorite job all family members because of her qualities.

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