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 A Glimpse of the Subject

Vedic Astrology is also known to us by many different names such as Hindu Astrology and Indian Astrology. According to the subject of Vedic Astrology, human lives possess a connection with the stars and other celestial bodies present in the outer space. Celestial bodies tend to emit certain magnetic fields and energies which can affect the lives of human beings. The study of the outer space and the position of planets gives an insight into the whole life of an individual.


It is believed that Astronomers can predict events in the life of a person by observing the positions of stars and planetary bodies. Astronomers believe that Planets specify the activities performed by individuals in their previous lives and how they will carry out their tasks at present. Vedic Astrology is a vital part of our Hindu Culture. Even some of the most prestigious schools in India offers higher education degrees on the subject.

Scientific Application

There is no hypothesis or a theory which can prove that the movements of celestial bodies can affect the lives of human beings. It is just an unproven premise which has been going on for centuries from one generation to another in the Indian soil. These theories have been rejected by the scientists from its very inception. This belief is backed by some incidents like the failure of astronomers to predict the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the regularly failed attempt in election polls. Also, astronomers failed in predicting the war between two nations India and Pakistan. One recent example of a failed prediction occurred in the year of 2000. Astronomers predicted that the relative closeness of the planets in the solar system would awake some heart wrenching natural disasters like volcanoes and floods. This caused the entire village of Gujarat on the sea side to evacuate their homes to run for their lives.

Best Astrology Online Training Course in India

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This website also provides services of consultation regarding the possible effect of stars and planets on your life. You just need to provide details such as birth date, birth time and birth place. The Astronomer can come to a premise of your personal and professional life on the basis of the given data.

The website also provides training on Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Numerology, Feng Shui, etc. The institution is ISO certified for its quality and makes sure that the quality in training never diminishes. The panel of experts at IVA makes sure that every student gets the proper training. If you want to check the reviews, visit the “Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews” section on the website.