Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

Definition of Vastu

Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews the definition of Vastu Shastra as Vastu Shastra is the cosmic science that has its origins in India and deals with architecture, and helps in the creation of a harmonious set of surroundings to align one’s life towards health, wealth and general happiness and success. Vastu aims at bringing about a balance to one’s life, thereby enhancing the quality of said life.

To learn Vastu is to master what it takes to lead a peaceful life through a residence. The Institute of Vedic astrology is a great place to take up and learn Vastu and enhance the quality of one’s life.

Vastu Shastra for Master Bedroom

Vastu dictates the need to have the Master Bedrooms in the Southwest, South and West Directions. The Ishan corner or the Northeast corner Bedroom is not supposed to be used by the house Elder.  To cut to the point, the Northeast Bedroom is generally for the worse, so just avoid the North and East Directions. If the bedroom is constructed in the Northeast and an elder resides in it, then it may adversely affect the elder’s health or the elder’s financial standing.  This is a Vastu principle that can be applied based on the house and the time at which the construction is done. When there is a large amount of open space in the Northeast then in some cases the owner of the house can have his/her bedroom there. This should be done only upon being advised an expert Vastu Consultant and occupy the bedroom only after a thorough consultation.

It has been established that people sleeping in the Southeast or the Agneya corner usually are affected by insomnia, and as a result anxiety and a short temper- a sort of domino effect. House owners who sleep in the Vayavya or Northwest direction will be plagued by inexplicable headaches in working areas and such, financial losses and general instability in life and finances in general.

The Southwest area of a house is the best place to set up a bedroom and generally sleep in. If Southwest is not possible, then one can settle for the South or the West direction. If this rule is followed by the home owner the bedroom is setup as such then the owner is bound to have his work flow smoothly, his/her words have more impact, and have a generally enhanced life. This will include good interactions with family members and staff. Since we spend the most amount of time at one place in the day while sleeping in the bedroom, it iis wise to make sure the room is Vastu compliant.  Even though a Vastu consultant may lead you astray, but this never be the case with the science of Vastu Shastra. The Southwest is the best direction to set up a Master Bedroom and will yield the most results.

Before we get into the dine details of Vastu, we need to familiarize ourselves with the directions in a house.

  1. East
  1. Southeast
  1. South
  1. Southwest
  1. West
  1. Northwest
  1. North
  1. Northeast

Every type of residence, irrespective of it being a flat, a villa, apartment or an independent house will be divided into the eight directions mentioned above. Also important is the epicentre of the house which is also known as Brahmasthan. One should never construct the bedroom at the centre of the house.

As the name suggests, the Master Bedroom is meant for the “master” or the owner of the house. The other bedrooms can be occupied by the other residents of the house. We will now touch upon the where to place a bedroom in a residence.

The first thing that a person sees when he wakes up in the morning will generally set the tone for the rest of day. Some believe in looking at their hands, others a photo of a beloved deity and so on and so forth. The point is, once Vastu is setup properly in a house, there won’t be a need to look for something good to wake up to, since everything will have positive energy to it.

Master Bedroom in the Southwest Direction:

Vastu Shastra is a vast body of knowledge with great scope in terms of application in real-life scenarios. We as humans are on an eternal quest to find answers for profound questions across time and space. Therefore it won’t come as a surprise that Vastu consultants are researching exclusively and intensively on The Indian Science of Vastu Shastra.

Master Bedroom in the West Direction:

Now, we will go into the Master Bedroom in the West Direction when Southwest is not available. The next best thing to that direction, if not available is the South Direction.

Master Bedroom in the North Direction:

While the North Direction does not come highly recommended for the family head, it is, however suitable for other family residents such as younger children and siblings alike. And if there are already bedrooms in the South and the Southwest direction, then the North Bedrooms can automatically be occupied by the younger members of the family. To quote a popular phrase that describes the accuracy of Vastu is that Vastu is based on Logic and not Magic. To conclude, I would have to say that we should check all possible options before making permanent changes to your house via construction. This is the main reason behind Vastu consultants not accepting phone appointments or consultations and choosing physical visits over phone in appointments. There are various observations to be made to execute the right decisions when it comes to permanent changes to houses via construction

Master Bedroom in the South Direction:

East Bedroom is not suitable for the family head, but at the same time can be utilized by the other remaining members of the family. If there is a single bedroom in the East corner of the house, then it isn’t that much of a problem, provided that there is a Southwest or a West bedroom. This is because the family head or the bread winner can then occupy the Southwest or the West bedroom while still skipping the North or Northwest bedrooms.

It is also worth noting that Northeast direction bedrooms are often seen in houses with West facing entrance, or even in South Facing homes.Figure 1: Bedroom Positions According to Vastu

Favourable Directions for the placing or positioning your head while sleeping:

  1. To improve one’s health you will have to sleep with your head towards the South. This will also lead to sound sleep and lesser stress levels in general.
  2. To enhance one’s knowledge you will have to sleep with your head facing the East. This works best in the case of children and fresh employees.
  3. Avoid placing your head towards the West to avoid bad health
  4. If you face the North while sleeping then it may result in bad dreams, insomnia and even a certain level of ill health.
  5. To get better results in life overall you can position the cupboard in the West Direction
  6. To get optimum life results, you will have to position your bed in the Southwest corner.
  7. The Northwest or Southeast corner in the room should be used to place the dressing table
  8. It is also advisable to position the bed or the cot in the Southwest, West or South directions.
  9. If you own a cooler in your room it is best to position it towards the Southeast or the Northwest corners for best results. If that is not possible then it is best to place it in ether the east or the North Direction, with the condition that it will not touch the wall in these particular directions.
  10. If the bedroom is in the Southwest portion of the house then, the flooring of this house should be slightly elevated ass compared to the flooring of the other rooms in the house.
  11. It is best to position the bathroom in the Southeast corner or even the Northwest corner. In some cases where this is not possible, you can even place the bathroom in the Southwest corner which is also known as the Nairuthi corner.

Most people interested in Vastu will have queries such as a typical bedroom placement in a house with a Bedroom in the Southeast corner. In that case the points to be observed here are:

  1. A larger load on the Southeast side of the bedroom when contrasted with the Southwest
  2. This will result in these problems in the house:
  3. Discord between the house members along with disputes and conflicts with the neighbours and such which may bring down one’s standing in the society
  4. Getting in trouble as a family without any fault of the family itself.
  5. Financial ruin or gradual financial decline.
  6. Close calls with the law due to continued bad luck

Wall Clock at Bedroom:

Wall clocks may be placed in the East corner of the Bedroom, if this isn’t possible then, one can select the North direction for hanging it. The real reason behind hanging the clock in these directions is that, early in the morning, when residents want to look at the time, they will face the East direction. This is as practical as it gets. Some experts are of the opinion that East and North are not good at all, since it increases the weight in that direction and therefore it is better to hang the clock towards the West or South Directions. Here the results hold more value than the weight measurement in itself. In general, it is good to face the east direction as soon as your get up in the morning.

Which wall shall I hang the Air conditioner / AC in my master bedroom?

Air Conditioner Placement:

For positioning the air conditioning unit, especially in the case of split air-conditioning – it is always best to have the South or West directions. If it is window A/C then there are more complications that may crop up. This is because you have to verify the exact positioning of the Window and how the window AC is fixed. The only thing that has to be finalized now is the placement of the Window AC. Since the Wall clock and the AC are simple instruments they do not play an important role in the house, but their placement has to be checed thoroughly.

Important Note: it is always good to settle on and finalize the major Vastu aspects of the house such as the positioning of all the rooms and major and weight heavy assets to ensure the best results in Vastu implementation.

Positioning of the mirror

This is a tricky bit since sometimes it may cause problems. In Vastu it is considered to be highly inauspicious to have a mirror in front of your bed, since there will be a reflection of a sleeping body, which is not desirable in Indian culture.

Limit and Eliminate devices

This might seem like an obvious rule, but most people don’t follow it. For example, it is good to not have a TV in the bedroom, and if it is, make sure it is placed at a good distance from the bed. This is because, once again, the TV screen should not work as a mirror reflecting the image of the person. Computers, cell phones and other radiation based electronic instruments should be kept outside or at the far edges of the bedroom to ensure good sleep at night.

Painting the Bedroom

Colours or entirely insignificant and have a great bearing on our lives – they massively affect our health, our happiness and even affect our moods regularly.

In an ideal room the paint is supposed to be cream, off-white or even baby-pink. It is best to stay away from dark colours with the room being well organized. It is also really good to keep the bedroom clean and clutter-free

Figure 2: Colour Schemes for the Entire House

Clearing the Clutter from the Bedroom

To keep the Bedroom free of unnecessary objects, it is best to dispose of unused items such as watches, clocks, electronic equipment’s and in general any object not if use and having or serving no utility. Such unwanted clutter disrupts the energy flow, and bring about disharmony and discord in the house and in specific in the room. Also good to avoid, are water fountains, paintings of war and violence and even of single women.

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