Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews : Deepawali Puja Process (19th October 2017)

 Deepavali Puja

            Deepawali is the main festival of Hindu. On this day puja of Goddess Lakshmi is done. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi has said to Devi Rukmani that she leaves houses of following people:

Naakarmasheele Purush Vasaami, Na Nastike Saankrike Kritaghne !

Na Bhinnavratte Na Nrashansvarne, Na Chaapi Choure Na Gurushvasuye !!

Yeh Chaalpatejobalsatvamanaha, Klishyanti Kupyanti Cha Yatra Tatra !

Na Chev Tishthami Tathavidheshu, Nareshu Samguptamanoratheshu !!

                                    (Maha. Anu. Daan. 11 ! 7-8)

meaning, I (Lakshmiji) does not stay at people’s heart who do not work, are atheist, varna sankar, does not respect others, evil, cruel, theif and sees bad in Guru. I also do not stay with people who are less effective, weak, untruthful and without self-respect and people who gets irritatted on small things and people who have something else in mind and shows something else.

Laksmiji also does not live in girls or women who does not care about their house and material in their house, who work without thinking, who speaks ill of her husband, who is interested in other people’s household and welfare, who is shameless, does evil and objectionable deeds, impure, greedy about food, restless, quarrelsome and always sleepy.

(Maha. Anu. Daan. 11 ! 11-13)

So man and woman should avoid above behaviour.

Lakshmiji promises to stay with people (man & woman) who are lucky, fearless, good charactered and hard working. Also, people who does not get angry, God loving, control overself and lives pious life; People who continuosly give services to their Religion and Guru; people who live a life of purity, dedication to one’s work or profession; people who has control over his/her mind and desires, one who forgives and forgets; people who are always happy; ladies who are always smiling, thinks about welfare of her husband, have good character, virtuous (gunwati), saubhagyavati, Pati Parayana (dedicated to her husband – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and prayes for wellbeing of everyone.

(Maha. Anu. Daan. 11 ! 6, 10, 14)

Deepavali Puja in Home

            People who follow above always gets blessings from Goddess Lakshmi. As Deepavali is observed on Amavasya, so Amavasya that starts from Pradosh Kaal i.e. evening and continues till midnight is best. Amavasya that continues till evening is equally good.

As per the procedure Puja of Ganeshji, Lakshmiji and Saraswatiji is done. A Paana (picture) of Lakshmiji-Ganeshji-Saraswati ji is placed in puja. Also, puja of cash and jewellery is also done on this day. Place 13 or 26 or 21 or 51 oil deepak with 1 big deepak in center with four sided cotton (chowmukha deepak). Do puja of all and place deepak in house and elsewhere. It is best if the deepak is lighted throughout the night. After doing Lakshmiji puja as per your local and ancestral procedures, take blessings from all the elders of the house.

Deepavali Puja in Office, Shop and Factory

Dehli Vinayak Pujan : in form of puja by Writing “OM GANESHAY NAMAH” or Swastik symbol or Shubh-Laabh.

Shree Mahakaaali Pujan : in form of ink pot.

Saraswati Pujan : in form of Pen and Ledger.

Kuber Pujan : in form of Cash and Cash-Box.

 DeepawaliTula / Machinery Pujan : in form of Machinery.

Deepmala Pujan : in form of Deepak.

Aarti : do Aarti of Goddess Lakshmiji.

Distribute sweets with good wishes to everyone. Remember the more good you send, it gets multiplied and comes back to you.

Wishing You a Prosperous and Joyous Happy Deepawali. May you get prosperity, wealth, good health and all your wishes come true.


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