Basic Components of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is an extremely powerful tool in the way of life. Vedic Astrology is the oldest divinatory science in presence. Maharishi Parashara has outlined the standards of Vedic astrology in his treatise, “Brihat Parashara Hora”. He is the father of Vedic Astrology.


It has been comprehended through Vedic Astrology that the interplay of karma, rebirth and free will decides the destiny of man. It helps man in the mitigation of anguish caused because of his own activity or karma. It is called Jyotish or study of light. Each being is impacted by the planets that apply effective vibrations that control the destiny of man. Jyotisha is likewise alluded to as, “samayavidya”, which means investigation of right moments, as everything happens just at the predetermined hour. It is a mix of mystery and mathematical knowledge which interprets the patterns of energy flowing from the heavens.

One’s natal chart or Vedic astrology horoscope is cast by the planetary movements and their situation at the time of birth. The natal chart uncovers one’s destiny and predicts the occasions that would unfurl at the predetermined hour. Henceforth it is called predictive astrology. As one reflects deeper into the chart, insights into the sub conscious realm of the native, is known. It is a stock of one’s shortcomings, qualities, feelings, connections, longings, yearnings, bondages, talents, capacities, fears, laments, and numerous more viewpoints.

Life predictions can be rolled out precisely with respect to the changes and occasions that would happen in one’s life. Despite the fact that there are different sorts of planetary periods, just vimoshottari dasa is generally appropriate for the purposes of predictions.

Planetary positions and afflictions ought to be concentrated to make predictions. Strong planets yield positive or good outcomes. Weak planets amid their sub-periods convey troublesome outcomes and harms to the native. For instance, a strong moon gives upon the native impressive mental quality. A strong Mars makes the native strong, confident and brave. In light of their qualities and afflictions, remedial measures are recommended to defeat destiny and exercise freewill to make a fate that one imagines.

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Tarot Card Reading – A Devine Touch

Tarot card readings are extremely adroit and a magnificent method to demonstrate things to individuals, so they can utilize the information that are given to them and roll out critical improvements in their lives to improve things.

Tarot card reading

Reading tarot cards will portray the past, present, and future, which is the journey that your life has made and will make, for every individual, who has a reading.

Tarot cards have a wide range of meanings and these all rely upon where they are put when the reading take place. In any case, with regards to the cards doing the thing that they are intended to do, it is about you and the magic amongst you and the cards. When the tarot cards are laid out, a certain kind of relationship is established between you and the cards. This is the place the reading originates from.

Tarot card reading have been in practice since many years. Generally, tarot card reading skill is passed down within a family from one person to another. However, anyone can learn tarot card.

There are tons of tarot card reading online sites. Some tarot card reading online sites will offer a free service, while some will charge some amount of money. You need to be very careful while choosing the service of tarot card reading online, since there can be frauds as well. You need to do a proper research prior to accessing any tarot card reading service, so that you do not end up spending a lot of money on things that do not really works. It is an unquestionable idea to utilize the service of a tarot card reader who has been in the business for a long enough time.

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Vedic Astrology – The Spiritual Science

Astrology ought to be a spiritual science. Our birth chart is a reflection of our spirit and its specific incarnation. In our stars we see the development and growth of our inward being from life to life. It implies that Astrology gives us the keys to the unfoldment of the soul and can be utilized as a key to inner unfoldment.


Mirroring the universe itself, astrology can be utilized to analyze all areas of life. From it we can find out about our wellbeing, wealth, career and relationships, our material, mental and spiritual manifestations. It demonstrates the whole structure of energies through which we should act throughout everyday life.

In that capacity, it is the most comprehensive science we have. However on its highest level, astrology ought to be a piece of yoga, the art of the soul. Its motivation is to direct us past the net of these external powers to their source.

Astrology if appropriately utilized, demonstrates to us the world inside ourselves. It is a science for moving our consciousness from its physical limitation in the human brain through the beams of creation to envelop the whole universe.

It is a science for meditation in which the planets speak to the characteristics that we should acknowledge inside ourselves. The planets are the limbs of the cosmic individual that we should assemble back to come back to the original state of grace. Understanding astrology, our consciousness can take off through the planets and the stars to the focal Sun of Truth in the internal heart of all.

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Personality of Planets in Indian Astrology

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In this article, let’s understand the basics of Astrology lessons by comprehending the qualities of some planets in brief, as they act on the basis of their personalities. When you comprehend them, then you can without much of a stretch, see how they give results about various houses. You can watch that the subject will have the vast majority of the characteristics of the planet that is controlling or sitting in the first house i.e. ascendant in their horoscope.

Sun: The Sun has been conceptualized as ruler of the planets. The Sun has predominance and ego of a ruler. Sun, the king, has desire and want to rule, administration, an appealing personalities, an illustrious nature, fortitude, liberality, great knowledge, amazing voice, benevolence of a father, gallantry and courage.

Moon: The Moon is portrayed as the queen. So the Moon carries on like elderly ladies of high status. The Moon has the ladylike characteristics like vanity, generosity, warmth, affectability, intelligence, fretful nature, over the top sexual desire. In any case, the Moon isn’t a young lady, rather a shrewd elderly lady having the characteristics of a mother, so the Moon is additionally associated with motherly love. Moon is additionally associated with feelings, mind and mental peace.

Mars: Mars is the army commander. So it has the qualities of the same. Mars has the leadership with predominance, cruelty, a savagery and hostility, want to contend and win, possessive nature, masculinity, sexual animosity, impatience and fractious nature.

Mercury: Mercury, the little prince is glib with sweet voice and humor. Mercury the adolescent ruler has knowledge, curious brain, and happy nature, devious whimsical ways, instable yet resolute personality, want of change and oddity and an ability to play with words.

Jupiter: Jupiter is depicted to have the identity of a pastor or esteemed minister with idealistic demeanor. The esteemed cleric Jupiter is insightful, knowledgeable, honorable, particularly keen, exceptionally educated, rational and intelligent planet.

Venus: The Venus is thought to have the female qualities. In any case, dissimilar to the Moon the Venus is the more youthful lady. So it has additionally the qualities like fascination for opposite sex, desire, exotic nature, wants for delightful things that pull in, stylish sense and a wide range of material joys.

Saturn: Saturn has been conceptualized as the old worker of the family. Along these lines Saturn is depicted with the characteristics like responsibilities, discipline, cruelty, pitilessness, extremely mindful nature and detachment.

Rahu: Rahu (and Ketu) is the soldier in planet’s family. So, Rahu (and Ketu) has attributes of animosity, outrage, mean conduct, intelligence, desire and a wide range of addictions.

Feel the Enigma Of Indian Numerology

Numbers use to assume a noteworthy part in ancient science, the science that deals with the root of the universe, its creation and destruction, at different levels, for example, physical, spiritual and mental. Every single antiquated custom, religions and science relies upon mindfulness and profound comprehension of numerals.

Indian numerology

The idea of Indian numerology is old, yet it can’t be precluded because of its scientific outlook and spiritual enigma. This is a wide field and the turning points are ceaseless as like universe. The numbers have a vigorous power which helps see the internal being of a man.

Numerology is a science that deals with the relationship of numbers. It enables us to peruse messages in numbers which are covered up in nature. Numerology deals with the quantitative and qualitative parts of numbers. Each number has a vibrating vitality which is broke down by few individuals on the planet and it gives valuable mental and spiritual data. Numerology is a section that deals with the mystery throb of perplexing code that we can figure out how to apply for our own advantage.

It is an approach to increase more noteworthy knowledge and comprehension into your internal being and genuine nature. It uncovers diversification of your character and identity in a way that is new and motivating. It gives you another vantage point from which to take a gander at yourself; one with more prominent separation and perspective than numerous other self-improvement strategies.

Knowing your inward being is imperative. It expands the confidence of a man and it besides helps to improve in each part of life. Hence, we can state that numerology perusing encourages you have a superior existence and a promising life as it expels fear from inside. In our everyday life we neglect to offer time to these things, however it is especially fundamental for each person.

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Be a Fortune Teller by Learning Astrology Lessons Online

There are numerous circumstances which make relatively every individual inquisitive about future predictions. Particularly, when it’s tied in with discovering answers and being associated with something new, or some new reason makes each person basically want for more. Almost certainly, art of anticipating what’s to come is a complicated task; however, Vedic astrology can help in such manner.


The individuals who are interested about things like horoscopes and the future will realize that Indian astrology is a standout amongst the most precise practices, which will convey awesome outcomes to inquiries. Indian astrology is more precise as it utilizes things like place of birth, time of birth and the day in which you were born alongside the month you were born in. The individuals who have information and monitor such things will have the capacity to make right predictions. To the extent Vedic astrology is concerned, it has dependably been polished for figuring certain parts of individual’s lifetime. Along these lines, individuals become acquainted with what their past and future incarnation was and will be.

Despite the fact that, there is large number of astrology lessons online accessible to influence individuals to end up becoming a successful astrologer, yet you should take in astrology lessons from a solid Astrology Centre. Almost certainly, career is the most imperative thing in everyone’s life and you can modify the course of your life with right forecasts.

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How To Be A Astrologer- The Stargazer

Some people say astrology is an art; others call it a sacred science. In any case, as a matter of first importance, astrology is a language. It is a universe of images that make it conceivable to see and discuss a wide range of unpretentious attributes in the personality.


Astrology essentially implies studying the stars. Astrology has been known to the people groups of the antiquated world for over 5,000 years, and had been utilized to ponder how the celestial bodies influence the occasions, and the lives of individuals, on Earth.

According to a different school of thought, astrology was already prevalent in India, and this form of astrology – known as Vedic Astrology – dates back to 6000 years.

Astrology trusts that our lives are impacted, our identities are shaped, and the future course that our lives will take, relies upon how the heavenly bodies, for example, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, are set when we are born.

We are very used to the kind of astrological readings that we find in our daily newspapers each morning. This is the sun sign astrology, and is astrology in its least difficult shape. Just the date of your birth to the world is required, and you get exceptionally constrained outcomes through this system. Genuine practitioners of astrology don’t utilize this system.

In the event that you need your readings to be more precise, the astrologer would require the correct time of your birth to the world, to compute where in the Zodiac every planet was around then. He additionally has to know in which signs of the group of stars are the planets situated. Drawing an exact horoscope is a complex system.

In the event that you believe that astrology is something extremely hard and just the experts can learn astrology, at that point you are incorrect. Anybody can figure out how to be an astrologer and make it their profession. All you have to do is to take online or offline degrees in astrology, get your degrees in astrology and start practicing your knowledge. You don’t need to be a graduate from a highly recognized colleges or universities, keeping in mind the end goal to get degrees in astrology.