Personality of Planets in Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is known for its rich tradition of knowledge and accurate predictions. There are thousands of books available on Astrology in the market, but none of them would be much helpful for a new learner. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the sole destination for those who wants to learn astrology lessons. You may checkout Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews online.


In this article, let’s understand the basics of Astrology lessons by comprehending the qualities of some planets in brief, as they act on the basis of their personalities. When you comprehend them, then you can without much of a stretch, see how they give results about various houses. You can watch that the subject will have the vast majority of the characteristics of the planet that is controlling or sitting in the first house i.e. ascendant in their horoscope.

Sun: The Sun has been conceptualized as ruler of the planets. The Sun has predominance and ego of a ruler. Sun, the king, has desire and want to rule, administration, an appealing personalities, an illustrious nature, fortitude, liberality, great knowledge, amazing voice, benevolence of a father, gallantry and courage.

Moon: The Moon is portrayed as the queen. So the Moon carries on like elderly ladies of high status. The Moon has the ladylike characteristics like vanity, generosity, warmth, affectability, intelligence, fretful nature, over the top sexual desire. In any case, the Moon isn’t a young lady, rather a shrewd elderly lady having the characteristics of a mother, so the Moon is additionally associated with motherly love. Moon is additionally associated with feelings, mind and mental peace.

Mars: Mars is the army commander. So it has the qualities of the same. Mars has the leadership with predominance, cruelty, a savagery and hostility, want to contend and win, possessive nature, masculinity, sexual animosity, impatience and fractious nature.

Mercury: Mercury, the little prince is glib with sweet voice and humor. Mercury the adolescent ruler has knowledge, curious brain, and happy nature, devious whimsical ways, instable yet resolute personality, want of change and oddity and an ability to play with words.

Jupiter: Jupiter is depicted to have the identity of a pastor or esteemed minister with idealistic demeanor. The esteemed cleric Jupiter is insightful, knowledgeable, honorable, particularly keen, exceptionally educated, rational and intelligent planet.

Venus: The Venus is thought to have the female qualities. In any case, dissimilar to the Moon the Venus is the more youthful lady. So it has additionally the qualities like fascination for opposite sex, desire, exotic nature, wants for delightful things that pull in, stylish sense and a wide range of material joys.

Saturn: Saturn has been conceptualized as the old worker of the family. Along these lines Saturn is depicted with the characteristics like responsibilities, discipline, cruelty, pitilessness, extremely mindful nature and detachment.

Rahu: Rahu (and Ketu) is the soldier in planet’s family. So, Rahu (and Ketu) has attributes of animosity, outrage, mean conduct, intelligence, desire and a wide range of addictions.

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