Vedic Astrology – The Spiritual Science

Astrology ought to be a spiritual science. Our birth chart is a reflection of our spirit and its specific incarnation. In our stars we see the development and growth of our inward being from life to life. It implies that Astrology gives us the keys to the unfoldment of the soul and can be utilized as a key to inner unfoldment.


Mirroring the universe itself, astrology can be utilized to analyze all areas of life. From it we can find out about our wellbeing, wealth, career and relationships, our material, mental and spiritual manifestations. It demonstrates the whole structure of energies through which we should act throughout everyday life.

In that capacity, it is the most comprehensive science we have. However on its highest level, astrology ought to be a piece of yoga, the art of the soul. Its motivation is to direct us past the net of these external powers to their source.

Astrology if appropriately utilized, demonstrates to us the world inside ourselves. It is a science for moving our consciousness from its physical limitation in the human brain through the beams of creation to envelop the whole universe.

It is a science for meditation in which the planets speak to the characteristics that we should acknowledge inside ourselves. The planets are the limbs of the cosmic individual that we should assemble back to come back to the original state of grace. Understanding astrology, our consciousness can take off through the planets and the stars to the focal Sun of Truth in the internal heart of all.

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