Learning Astrology through Videos

Astrology is the prediction of what is going to happen in the future. It is based on the time of birth of oneself. It depends on cosmic objects like sun, moon, stars, and planets. These are followed and believed for thousands of year. There are people who do this for generations and also new people choose to study this course from their personal interest. If you are such a person having interest in learning astrology and to explore your future yourself, there are wide opportunities to learn astrology. You choose a traditional way like joining in a college but choosing an online is much beneficial and more advised. You can even learn Hindu astrology easily through videos.

Videos teach you astrology

Nowadays, compared to traditional classroom teaching, learning from online videos is being attracted and practiced by most of the people. This makes easy to understand the concepts more easily. Similarly, when you choose to learn astrology, you can choose online courses that offer online videos and materials to study. There is a wide verity of courses that offers specialization in different areas. Some people take this as a profession and get expertise and some people choose for passion and they learn about astrology.

Astrology videos for new learners

Astrology for beginners, it is good to understand and grab the concepts more easily when you look at videos. Compared to long lectures and theories; pictures and videos get registered in mind easily it makes easy understanding of the concepts. In the case of videos, you can always rewind, switch or watch videos whenever you want. There are also astrology videos available online that you can choose at any time according to your convince. Following these videos at each stage regularly can make you follow the content and cover the concepts of it.

IVA Indore defines features of learning astrology though online

There are various features and benefits if you learn astrology online through videos.

  • You can adopt astrology active learning strategies and learn techniques as a part of your study.
  • There can be more interactive sections and online discussions for better understanding and to make concepts more clear.
  • It can be easily updated since updations are easily in case of online.
  • When one video is not understandable, there can be options for other videos.

Step by step process in astrology learning through videos

According to institute of vedic astrology these are the steps that you have to go through to learn astrology through videos. On successful completion of these steps, you can be good at the concepts and handling astrology.

Step 1: Start with a basis of astrology

Step 2: understand the various symbols in the birth chart

Step 3: use the chart and 3-part puzzle to know what in it.

Step 4: find natural talents, strength, and challenges using a chart

Step 5: use it for finding wealth, prosperity and abundance

Step 6: know fulfillment in love and relationships

Step 7: look at the positions of planets that make big changes and events in life

Step 8: pursue a cosmic journey


The industry of hospitality, to a great degree, depends on the quality of services and the facilities that you offer. The satisfaction of guests are really very imperative for any hotels, restaurants, resort, cafe and motels. “Applying the principles of Vastu Shastra while designing your hospitality business can offer you various advantages” says Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. This can also help you in making the guest feel more comfortable, relaxed and welcomed immediately.

vastu tips for hospitality business

According to Institute of Vedic Astrology, offering opportunity to individuals to learn Vastu, it is imperative for the owners of hotel, motels, restaurants and, also cafes to incorporate Vastu design in their layout with the end goal to encourage great number of customers to visit them. Implementing the principles of Vastu Shastra while setting up your hospitality business can enhances the experience of the guests. This will compel your guests to return over and over for repeat order or stay.

Having manpower, money, business ideas, is just not enough to make a business successful. One must follow the principles of Vastu Shastra too. There are several institutes from where you can learn Vastu. However, Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is the leading institute in central India that offers Vastu course for you to learn online. You can effortlessly enroll yourself for the Vastu course and learn Vastu anytime from anywhere.

Being one of the most renowned name in the area of offering best Vastu course online, we are going to present you with couple of common Vastu tips that you can apply in your hospitality business. Without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

Access to the hotel needs to be welcoming and simple to find and get to. It is considered as a gateway to wealth and success. Front entrance so as to make it propitious, it ought to be in the positive and most promising direction as per the Vastu Shastra. Any obstacles before the main passage could create trouble in getting new customers and also in retaining old ones.

You are ought to place the tables and chairs preferably in alignment with magnetic axis for harmony. It should be arranged in such a way that your customers face east or west direction while having foods or drinks at your restaurants. In order to maintain a distance from conflict and discomfort at the site, it would be a great idea to make use of square or rectangular shaped tables with little round corner.

The 5 elements in Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology believes that five elements are the part of almost everything in the world. There are many videos that speak about it. Watch astrology videos to find in depth about them. As other option, you can also visit the best astrology sites to learn them.


Wood relates to the ability to ideate, creativity and innovativeness. When there is the absence of numbers 3 and 4 in your birth chart it is found in the absence of the element of wood from the birth chart. This can be cured by surrounding the person with wooed and objected to that. Living wood id form of grass, shrubs, potted plants, trees, and bonsai plants etc. it can be used for some purposes like decorations or the fill space, furniture etc. The element wood is generally called as a tree so it is better to make use of living wood as a ‘cure’. Number 3 and 4 relates to wood.


Fire relates to excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm. If the number 9 is missing in the birth chart and it is important that the native might surround oneself with bright in ochre, red, amber, vermillion amber or such colors. Any light emitting objects may also help to full fill the gap. Number 9 is related to fire in numerology.


Earth represents stability, ability to reach one’s goal and constancy of ideas and action; in addition, it represents 3 numbers that form an arrow of determination. The absence of these numbers creates an arrow of frustration. If any three numbers are absent in your birth chart the native must surround a person with the object and should be directly linked with ground or earth except metals. The numbers 2, 5, 8 relates to the Earth in numerology.


In numerology numbers 6 and 7 relates to the element of Metal. If there is an absence of any of the numbers or both the numbers in the numerology chart, the native may surround a person made of metal. Some precious metals such as gold r silver worn in the form of a ring or bracelet will be a perfect ‘cure’. They are also referred to as gold meaning money. Metal relates to courage, valor, and ability to stand up for oneself.


Water relates to number 1 and to interpersonal skills, communicate with others and ability to express. It is harder to see this element missing in their chart when conserved in the last 1000 year. But when the present and the future born people are considered is not found to have this number and they are in need of ‘cure’. Anything in blue or black, azure, cerulean is considered sufficient to compensate for such lack. But the best cure will be water; home with an aquarium, swimming pools or the situated near sea or river is also considered to be good.

To learn more about the elements and if you are passionate about it you can visit sites learn astrology online to gain more knowledge about it.

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What can your hands reveal about your personality and future?

Do you ever think your hand is related to science and it can reveal some facts about your life? Yes. Hand reading is an art, each individual varies in the rise and fall in the structure of the palm and the major lines running through the palm. Each of these lines defines the qualities like intelligence, vitality, and emotions and mounts denote archetype, personality; by these, a profession can define some facts of your life.  There are certain coaching and training that you have to undergo to become a professional in hand reading. There are certain universities like Institute of Vedic astrology Indore that offers such courses.

Mounts and line of the palm

Indian palmistry says that the names of seven mounts denote the seven celestial bodies of the ancients, god of Greek and Roman mythology. There are two mounts in the palm that have equal effects on the personality on a person. If they stand high and full it considered being strongly influenced.

Generally, a palm has six major lines and many numbers of minor lines. Every palm has lines that denote head, heart, and lifelines, whereas lines of Saturn, Apollo and mercury are found in some palm and that is absent in some palms. The depth and clarity of the lines determine the strength of each aspect. There are many palms reading online courses available to have more knowledge regarding palm reading.


The major line of the palm


There are six major lines that speak about the particular aspect. These lines are unique for each palm. When the line is thick and clear the aspect that the line represents functions well if they are thin or broken, there are probabilities for the aspect to be weak or to the individual to face challenges over it. For further clear understanding about the line learn palm reading, that is interesting and even you can choose this and as a profession.  The six major lines are:


The heart line: It speaks about speaks about an individual’s emotions and physical condition of the heart. If the line is deep the person will be steady in handling emotions, reliable and devoted, if not the person will be fickle, sentimental and changeable. The heart line originates from the mount of Jupiter and moves through the hand.


The headline: It denotes intelligence, the ability for concentration and focus. On having clear headline the person will be able to think clearly, concentrate and have a good memory. On thin or broken headline; the person may experience poor memory and confusions. It begins from under the mount of Jupiter and extends till the beginning of lifeline.


The lifeline: It forms about an individual’s vitality and ability to resist illness and the energy of the personal. If the line is deeper the person has good energy, whereas thinner line denotes the poor level of energy and poor ability to withstand illness.


The Saturn line: It is the line of security and fate representing the security feels of an individual. It begins near the wrist and extends till the figure of Saturn.


The line of Apollo: It is said to be the line of art or recognition. This is not found in all the palms when it is present there are chances for the person to create. They start from the wrist and ends in the mount of Apollo.


The line of Mercury: The line of health appears in lesser than 50% of hands and describes certain distinct health issues. Even without this line, the person can have a long life.


To learn more about the line and mount in the palm choose the best institute like IVA Indore to study the palmistry.

Enhance Focus & Knowledge through Vastu

In today’s World, every individual must need focus and knowledge to succeed in their life. In these days, many people are lack of knowledge and have poor focus levels. The advancement of technologies and its impact led to these sufferings.

According to institute of vedic astrology, in order to enhance your Focus as well as knowledge, Vastu principles help you in a great way. Vastu makes you know about the use of the environment in such a way to increase knowledge. You can undergo Vedic astrology online course to know these things.

Guidelines to enhance Focus and Knowledge through Vastu

  • The perfect place for doing the work or studying your room should be in the northeast direction as it is vibrationally suited to your knowledge.
  • You can use illumination lights or full spectrum bulbs in the study room. To have joyful mind make use of the natural lights.
  • Lights used in the room must be bright as low lights will lower the concentration level of you. The study room can be painted in classy shades like violet.
  • You should sit in the ventilated room which is best for your focusable work. Also, you can sit in such a place to watch out through the window or facing the door. But you should not face the wall that is very close to you.
  • Vastu principle recommends you to sleep in the east side of the bed for enhancing the brain activity. You should place your head in the north direction as you can’t get a sound sleep.
  • The studying desk and other things are kept in the northeast of the home. This helps to improve the knowledge and observing capacity of the students.
  • While studying you should face the North or East direction as they are the best directions to have a high concentration. Also, you feel energetic to study in this direction than before.
  • Then you can keep a glass of water near you while doing a work that requires more focus. But there should not be any mirror reflection as it will cause pressure in your mind.
  • IVA Indore explains that the study room should not be below the toilet and under the stairs or beam. If you want to know more about the position of study room learn free astrology online and make it better.
  • Have the habit of keeping crystal while studying or on the writing desk. Always keep your study room clean without any clutters as it distracts the focus level.

IVA Tips on How to Achieve Peace and Prosperity with Vastu Shastra

Nowadays, many homeowners have lost peace of mind because of negative energies. The sleeping direction is the main factor for losing peace as you spend more time in the same direction.

If somebody sleeps in the wrong direction they may get affected with the unwanted energies which result in illness and less peace of mind.

Vastu Shastra – Discard unnecessary things from home and make space to welcome positive energy

Vastu is an old practice which is followed while building a home in order to increase the positive energy around you. While following Vastu you have to follow the standard units of measurements in your home.

To have good positive energy the compatibility of nakshatra of the building to the nakshatra of the resident is very essential. Muhurtha plays a vital role in delivering peace and prosperity for the residents.  You can learn vastu from IVA indore which helps you to know more things about Indian astrology and that will help you to get the deep insights about astrology and Indian palmistry.

According to IVA Indore Best Vastu tips for your home to achieve peace and prosperity

    • According to Vastu rule, it is better to have open courtyards in the center of the home to have positive vibes.
    • Construct your bedroom in the southern side of the home. You must avoid building the bedrooms in the northern and eastern side as it is not good for you.
    • You can build the bedroom in the South-west corner of your home but it should be used by elder people of your home. If you are the head of the family, your bedroom should be on the North-west side.
    • Children’s room must face the West direction rather than Northeast, Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast.
    • Mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen as well as it should face your children’s bed.
    • Keep your kitchen in such a way to face the east direction and you should cook in the Eastside. It is strictly advised not to have a kitchen or doors in front of the toilet. In addition, toilet doors should not face the dining hall or kitchen.
    • Your dining hall should not be exposable to the main door of your home. The entrance door must be larger than the door of your home.
    • While constructing a home, plan to keep your Pooja and entrance room in the North-East direction. Vastu shows that this rule can bring peace and prosperity to your homes.
    • Pooja room doors must have two shutters with four frames and you have to position the deity facing the West east and north.