Enhance Focus & Knowledge through Vastu

In today’s World, every individual must need focus and knowledge to succeed in their life. In these days, many people are lack of knowledge and have poor focus levels. The advancement of technologies and its impact led to these sufferings.

According to institute of vedic astrology, in order to enhance your Focus as well as knowledge, Vastu principles help you in a great way. Vastu makes you know about the use of the environment in such a way to increase knowledge. You can undergo Vedic astrology online course to know these things.

Guidelines to enhance Focus and Knowledge through Vastu

  • The perfect place for doing the work or studying your room should be in the northeast direction as it is vibrationally suited to your knowledge.
  • You can use illumination lights or full spectrum bulbs in the study room. To have joyful mind make use of the natural lights.
  • Lights used in the room must be bright as low lights will lower the concentration level of you. The study room can be painted in classy shades like violet.
  • You should sit in the ventilated room which is best for your focusable work. Also, you can sit in such a place to watch out through the window or facing the door. But you should not face the wall that is very close to you.
  • Vastu principle recommends you to sleep in the east side of the bed for enhancing the brain activity. You should place your head in the north direction as you can’t get a sound sleep.
  • The studying desk and other things are kept in the northeast of the home. This helps to improve the knowledge and observing capacity of the students.
  • While studying you should face the North or East direction as they are the best directions to have a high concentration. Also, you feel energetic to study in this direction than before.
  • Then you can keep a glass of water near you while doing a work that requires more focus. But there should not be any mirror reflection as it will cause pressure in your mind.
  • IVA Indore explains that the study room should not be below the toilet and under the stairs or beam. If you want to know more about the position of study room learn free astrology online and make it better.
  • Have the habit of keeping crystal while studying or on the writing desk. Always keep your study room clean without any clutters as it distracts the focus level.

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