The 5 elements in Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology believes that five elements are the part of almost everything in the world. There are many videos that speak about it. Watch astrology videos to find in depth about them. As other option, you can also visit the best astrology sites to learn them.


Wood relates to the ability to ideate, creativity and innovativeness. When there is the absence of numbers 3 and 4 in your birth chart it is found in the absence of the element of wood from the birth chart. This can be cured by surrounding the person with wooed and objected to that. Living wood id form of grass, shrubs, potted plants, trees, and bonsai plants etc. it can be used for some purposes like decorations or the fill space, furniture etc. The element wood is generally called as a tree so it is better to make use of living wood as a ‘cure’. Number 3 and 4 relates to wood.


Fire relates to excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm. If the number 9 is missing in the birth chart and it is important that the native might surround oneself with bright in ochre, red, amber, vermillion amber or such colors. Any light emitting objects may also help to full fill the gap. Number 9 is related to fire in numerology.


Earth represents stability, ability to reach one’s goal and constancy of ideas and action; in addition, it represents 3 numbers that form an arrow of determination. The absence of these numbers creates an arrow of frustration. If any three numbers are absent in your birth chart the native must surround a person with the object and should be directly linked with ground or earth except metals. The numbers 2, 5, 8 relates to the Earth in numerology.


In numerology numbers 6 and 7 relates to the element of Metal. If there is an absence of any of the numbers or both the numbers in the numerology chart, the native may surround a person made of metal. Some precious metals such as gold r silver worn in the form of a ring or bracelet will be a perfect ‘cure’. They are also referred to as gold meaning money. Metal relates to courage, valor, and ability to stand up for oneself.


Water relates to number 1 and to interpersonal skills, communicate with others and ability to express. It is harder to see this element missing in their chart when conserved in the last 1000 year. But when the present and the future born people are considered is not found to have this number and they are in need of ‘cure’. Anything in blue or black, azure, cerulean is considered sufficient to compensate for such lack. But the best cure will be water; home with an aquarium, swimming pools or the situated near sea or river is also considered to be good.

To learn more about the elements and if you are passionate about it you can visit sites learn astrology online to gain more knowledge about it.

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