The industry of hospitality, to a great degree, depends on the quality of services and the facilities that you offer. The satisfaction of guests are really very imperative for any hotels, restaurants, resort, cafe and motels. “Applying the principles of Vastu Shastra while designing your hospitality business can offer you various advantages” says Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. This can also help you in making the guest feel more comfortable, relaxed and welcomed immediately.

vastu tips for hospitality business

According to Institute of Vedic Astrology, offering opportunity to individuals to learn Vastu, it is imperative for the owners of hotel, motels, restaurants and, also cafes to incorporate Vastu design in their layout with the end goal to encourage great number of customers to visit them. Implementing the principles of Vastu Shastra while setting up your hospitality business can enhances the experience of the guests. This will compel your guests to return over and over for repeat order or stay.

Having manpower, money, business ideas, is just not enough to make a business successful. One must follow the principles of Vastu Shastra too. There are several institutes from where you can learn Vastu. However, Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is the leading institute in central India that offers Vastu course for you to learn online. You can effortlessly enroll yourself for the Vastu course and learn Vastu anytime from anywhere.

Being one of the most renowned name in the area of offering best Vastu course online, we are going to present you with couple of common Vastu tips that you can apply in your hospitality business. Without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

Access to the hotel needs to be welcoming and simple to find and get to. It is considered as a gateway to wealth and success. Front entrance so as to make it propitious, it ought to be in the positive and most promising direction as per the Vastu Shastra. Any obstacles before the main passage could create trouble in getting new customers and also in retaining old ones.

You are ought to place the tables and chairs preferably in alignment with magnetic axis for harmony. It should be arranged in such a way that your customers face east or west direction while having foods or drinks at your restaurants. In order to maintain a distance from conflict and discomfort at the site, it would be a great idea to make use of square or rectangular shaped tables with little round corner.

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